Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Year in Review

Everyone else is doing these "remembering 2006" things, so I suppose I should too! Thank God I have this blog to help me remember what happened, because I am clueless......

January 2006: Gretel had her first birthday. My grama turned 80 and we celebrated her birthday. Met Nora and Maya for the first time (my two friends Kerry and Marla's latest additions to their families). Saw Sheryl Crow in concert with my friend Deanna. Had my picture taken at school for the class composite...graduation is started to feel like it may really happen! :). Also ordered my class ring. Our cat, Toby is really sick. Taking meds but getting worse. My sister got engaged. hired another secretary at the office named Darlene.

February 2006: Did work on the den and pantry in our house. Kory visited us and talked about coming to live with us after his semester ended. Misty (my secretary) had her second baby this month, a little girl. Kurt turned 35. This month was pretty stressful at the office.

March 2006: Rebecca and I visited a psychic (who solidified my belief that most psychics know nothing). But, it was fun. Toby, our cat, passed away. Made a goal for myself to stop tearing my fingernails (nervous habit). I have stuck to it to this day! Was introduced to Indian food by our friends Cliff and Lisa....Yum. Went to Ben's birthday party (my friend Deanna's son). Saw a coyote in our yard! Celebrated Julia's birthday (late) with dinner out. Saw Chicago at the theatre. Saw a cirque show called Delirium with Kurt. Sent my bar application out in the mail.

April 2006: Got our kitten, Bugsy. Bought my iPod. Had lunch and shopped with my sister. Went to Vegas with Kurty and saw Billy Joel in concert. Went to Belle Isle for the first time with Rebecca.

May 2006: Took the last of finals and I graduated from law school! Then started bar review classes, which took all of my time up. Met my sister's soon to be stepkids and her soon to be husband. Planted 16 new pine trees in our yard. I turned 29. Celebrated my Aunt's birthday, and Mother's Day with my Grama. kory moved into our house.

June 2006: Mostly consisted of review classes for the bar. Bought a house on Lake Erie to renovate and resell. Kurt's brother and Dad spent a lot of time at our house helping us do the renovations. Saw deer in our yard. Went to the Toledo Zoo with Rebecca...Saw the Blooze Brothers at the Canton Fest. Went on my first hiking expedition with Lesley and was so excited to find someone who likes it as much as I do. Went to Mel's baby shower. Gretel and I did a walk to raise money for the Humane Society with Rebecca and Simon. Kory turned 21. Saw Wicked at the theatre. Planted my summer flowers. Put solar lighting in the yard. My first photo was published in the Detroit Free Press. Went to a Tigers game. Planted more trees in the yard. Kurt was in the hospital for really bad side pains (which was never figured out).

July 2006: More studying for the bar, then took the bar exam. Everything with my niece started to get crazy and both Kurt and Kory disowned her. Have not talked to her since. Went to Pittsburgh for a Tigers game. Stopped at the Football Hall of Fame as well.

August 2006: Met my friend Jeannie's daughters, and had lunch with her and another friend. Went to IKEA for the first time. Did a lot of hiking and photography. Made the decision that I needed to upgrade my camera. Kellie and Kendra came to visit. Passed the character and fitness part of the bar exam. Started using Flickr for my photos. met Jen, Lesley's sister. My cousin Thomas graduated from high school. Bought my new fun cell phone. Did a lot of hiking and photography.

September 2006: Bought my new camera! Some more of my photography was published. Kurt decided to leave his IRS job. Went to my only Lions game of the year, despite the fact that I have season tickets. Finally got rid of our home landline phone. Visited Frederick Meijer's Gardens in Grand Rapids.

October 2006: I passed the bar exam! Also got sworn into the Michigan bar exam with my friend Kellie. Before that, applied for and was appointed to the Jefferson School Board in Newport. Went to a World Series game. More of my photography was published. Went to Tigers playoff games. Kurt got hit by a car while walking to the Tigers game (he was fine). Saw The Pajama Game in Ann Arbor with Nancy.

November 2006: Surprised my Mom for Thanksgiving with a trip to Manistee. Met my stepbrother's girlfriend. Got sworn into Federal Court. Had to get a new furnace in the house. Had my first court appearance. Attended my first board meeting. Attended my first board conference. Saw Movin Out at the Fisher with my Aunt. Got my passport. Got my bar number and card in the mail. Voted, and the Dems took over! Hooray! Attended a celebration bar passing party for me with family.

December 2006: Costa Rica trip. Kurt's brother Scott visited. Vito turned 3. Saw Spamalot at the Fisher with my Aunt. Saw my only in theatre movie of the year, Borat. Hunters trespassed on our property and killed a bird. Bought gym equipment. Saw Aerosmith in concert. Attended the School Board Xmas party in Toledo.

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Rebecca said...

Okay, your year? Sounded MUCH more exciting then my year! Except for that whole hanging out with Rebecca thing, I hear she's crazy.