Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Jungle Fantasy

Saw a show at the Fisher tonight with my Aunt that was part of our season tickets...It was called Cirque Dreams: Jungle Fantasy. Anyway, great show. Nothing like Vegas, but pretty damn good for being a travelling show. We both really liked it. Had dinner beforehand in the Fisher theatre, I had a salmon ceasar salad which was super yummy.

Work today was better than yesterday but really, really busy. We had a lot of appointments at the end of the day, and during those appointments, about 5 other clients stopped in without appointments to review documents, ask questions, etc. On top of that, I had to leave at 5:55 p.m. for dinner in Detroit. It was a relief to drive away.

I got a call today from the school board President, wanting me to take over a position on the County board for a board member who can no longer fill the position. So, I am going to start doing that. The meetings are less often than my normal board meetings. I guess there is one member from each school board in Monroe County, and we vote on countywide type things. That's tomorrow night. So, I am excited to start doing some more with my school board position.

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Shannon said...

Have you ever thought of a 'stress ball'? We had a player on our basketball team that used it to calm her nerves before the big games...it might work for you on the phone?