Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Happy B-Day Gretel Olivia!

My little girl is no longer a little girl. OK, she will always be *my* baby, but now that she is 2, she is considered a doggie and not a puppy.

Gretel Olivia turned 2 today! It seems crazy that we have had her for two years now. It seems just like yesterday that we drove to pick her up in West Salem. When Daisy died, I vowed I never wanted another female pug, because she had been my best friend and nothing could replace her. Her death was so sudden, and I took it really hard. I was depressed, cried a lot when I went to bed, and missed her so much. I was really angry she had been taken from me so suddenly. Kurt really thought getting another little girl would help me. So, he researched online and finally found a fawn female in West Salem, which is a pretty far drive from our house. So, one night, we jumped in the Carerra, and drove there. Once I laid eyes on Gretel, I fell in love. She was so tiny, the smallest pug I had ever seen. She made me feel so much better about the death of my best friend, because I had someone new to love and take care of and get to know. Nothing will ever replace Daisy Lou, but Gretel Olivia holds a different place in our hearts that I love.

She got a cheeseburger for her birthday from Burger King. She is different from the boys though, in that we bring it home to her, because she is a strange dog and does not like car rides (they make her nervous).

Work was so slammed today. We had a pretty light calendar, but people kept calling and stopping in, and it took up a lot of our time. Had court on two cases today, but nothing major happened in either case. Sometimes, I wonder how people can be so stupid in their divorce cases though. I met with a lady today, long term marriage, one kid. Her husband makes a lot of money, and she was a stay at home Mom. Anyway, I ran some numbers for her on the phone previous to the appointment, and she tried to talk to her husband about the possibility of settling previous to us filing anything. Well, he basically told her to screw off. I looked at the numbers she offered and they are far less than what she should be getting. His getting angry simply made her angry and made her want to fight for what she truly should be getting. OK. What a moron.

Came home, made dinner, then worked out. I thought when I woke up this morning that I totally was not sore. But, as the day went on, I started feeling the workout more. It's nice because I was feeling sore in the spots I worked out last night, so I guess I know I am doing the exercises properly.......:).

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MegWalterbach said...

No picture of the birthday girl? I'm sure you had a great day celebrating!! Give her a snuggle for me.