Thursday, January 25, 2007

Lesbians in Love

So, today, Kurt had an interesting and somewhat amusing hearing.

We filed a divorce a while back, and had an Ex-Parte Order signed at the start giving our client 4 days with the child one week, 3 days the next week. The Mom objected to the Order and asked for a hearing. Today was that hearing.

Our client had told us that his wife was living with her girlfriend. Yes, she is now a lesbian. She was exposing their daughter to this. Judges really hate, during a divorce anyway, when you bring your significant other around kids, let alone LIVE with them. He had videotape of this relationship (he bugged the house while they were still married).

She had not told her lawyer about this. So, instead of bringing it up, Kurt decided to use this as his "wild card" and kept the info quiet. He knew if they had time to discuss the info beforehand, they would come up with some story, like the woman was a friend, or whatever.

So, during his argument, he announces that she is a lesbian and living with her girlfriend, and he has videotape footage. Kurt says the other attorney literally *gasped* and stepped back. LOL. She tried to deny it and her client says "I am a lesbian. I live with my girlfriend and we just signed a year lease. I am not breaking it." Kurt was thinking in his head "THANK you for admitting this on the record......No need to prove my case here." Ha. The Referee told her that her girlfriend needed to move out. I wonder if she will listen or we will be in court on this again?? One can only wait and prediction is she will not listen.

Had a school board meeting tonight. We got t-shirts from the girls varsity color guard that are really nice. Also got cookies for board appreciation week. The meeting went well.

Grey's was great tonight. Can't wait to see if Christina says yes and what happens with the George situation in which I hope Callie says no. One should never say yes to a marriage proposal when someone is in the state George is in.


Hobby Chef said...

OMG Lori ... when I read that sentence, my brain read "we filed for divorce" !!!!!!!!!!!! I had a moment of panic there!!!!!!

Isn't it amazing how dumb some people can be? My step-dad is a lawyer and has some great stories about simply allowing people to hang themselves in court.

Rebecca said...

Note to self: Don't read blogs until I've caught up with my shows that I've recorded while I was gone....

MissThang said...

You know, I don't like Christina and Burke together. They annoy the shit out of me--they're both "too good" at what they do and I can't stand it.

And Callie and George? Love them together...but no marriage proposals for crying out loud.

I hope Addison and Karev give it a go--I love them both, and Karev just makes me hot.

Lisa said...

K, I'm thinking exactly what Sarah posted.

And dumb people in custody disputes. Brad that dummy did the same thing :)