Monday, January 15, 2007

My Love

Soooo, I found out Billy Joel is coming to Detroit in May. And I really wanted to buy presale tickets, but did not get any of the emails I normally get on this. But, this morning, my friend, Lisa, emailed me with a link she got at work! I was so psyched. She rocks. Called right away and ordered tickets for me and Kurt and then Rebecca called and ordered tickets for her and her Mom! So, we are all going. How kewl. I heart Billy Joel. When I saw him in Vegas, it was my fav concert ever, and can't wait to see him again. AHHHHHHHHHHHH. That is me jumping up and down.

Today was crazy. I was so happy after a productive Sunday and then I had a hellacious Monday. I swear, sometimes we go through these spells at the office where everyone is totally acting insane. One client came in today, we are doing a divorce for her. There is absolutely nothing going on in her case except an upcoming hearing to end it all. Well, apparently she never got the notice in the mail from the court regarding her hearing. She was throwing an absolute fit about it. (like this is my fault). Then, she was saying she had called the office a TON of times and nobody called her back. I checked our messages, she had called twice, and I returned both calls, but had to leave messages. She was insisting we never called her back and was again, throwing a fit. I just did not get it. Some people just like to bitch I think. Finally, we somehow calmed her down, but it was exasperating.

Then, at 6 p.m. tonight, Kurt had an appointment with a guy who thought he wanted a Power of Atty drafted. What he really needs is a Trust, because he is trying to make sure his estate does not go through probate and that his son is personal rep. He was basically telling Kurt (who has an LLM in Tax Law and is an expert in this area), that he did not know what he was talking about. Then telling Kurt that he was too expensive. Umm, we are like the cheapest around. The guy had brought his son, who was trying to explain to the Dad that Kurt was correct, but the guy was not listening and basically stormed out. Sometimes, I feel like we get no thanks whatsoever. We stay after hours to meet with someone, give him a free consultation and all we get is "you don't know what you are talking about" and someone storming out the door muttering. Nice.

I really need to find some sort of stress outlet too. When someone is annoying me on the phone, I have this horrible habit of throwing post-its, pens, whatever, at the wall. I really need a ball or something that I can throw. I end up with 100 things all over the floor and then I have to pick them up. It is therapeutic though, and it helps me keep my calm on the phone when someone is driving me insane. Today, I was talking to a guy who would just not shut up about his case. He calls ALL THE TIME and will not let us hang up. He wants to recap his case 1000 times to us before court and we only needed to hear it once to begin with. AHHHH. I think he thinks we don't know his case well enough because Kurt did not meet with him for three hours to discuss his case, over 30 minutes. We generally don't need three hours. Ok, we NEVER EVER need three hours. Judges don't want to hear every detail of our clients lives....they want the facts, the bare minimum, and then make a decision. Why don't some people get this?

I need to just keep remembering the good parts of my job.

OK, I am done venting. :). Tomorrow should be better. It has to be. These crazy days usually don't happen more than one day in a row.


Rebecca said...

You could be like me and just get in your car and scream, that usually makes me feel better :)

Crazymrsnancy said...

Yeah don't do what I do, eat your emotions :P Maybe I should start throwing stuff at work too, although it would be a lot more therapeutic to actually throw the stuff AT the annoying person hehe.

RachelSW said...

Get a punching bag for the office. Seriously, I hope to do that in the near future. For right now, I have a stress ball and playdo in my desk drawer.