Friday, January 26, 2007

Welcome Home Rebecca!

Rebecca is home, Rebecca is home! Yay! Even though I have not seen her, I get to at least message and email her and text her. Hooray! Welcome homee girlie! Glad you at least got to go someplace, even if I had to suffer in Michigan, all alone. :).

I forgot to post about my friend, Julia, the other day. She just finished school and is studying for the bar exam, and got a job offer! She had been working at this place called Valeo (auto related) and they told her at first because of budget constraints, they could not offer her a job. Then, one of the attorneys quit and they offered her the position. I am so psyched! It's rare to have a job all set up like that BEFORE passing the bar. It really takes some pressure off...Congrats Jules! Get back to me about celebrating.

So, tonight was fairly productive. I came home to my shower curtain found! Apparently, Kory did not throw it away, and he found it in his room in a garbage bag. So I threw it in the washer with hot water and bleach. Hopefully, it gets clean, although it has been in that bag for several weeks.....We will see. I hope I can just rehang it. I finally called in on Kurt's computer too, and I have to send it in for repairs, which are no longer under warranty since we have had the computer for over 4 years. The video card and mother board need to be replaced. Lovely. But, it is less money then I expected, and so we are going to have it replaced instead of buying a new one. To replace Kurt's computer would be pretty pricey because he has upgraded everything.......They are sending a box on Monday or Tuesday and we should have it back within a week. Yay. Also, made dinner, put some dishes in the dishwasher AND switched over the laundry. How's that for me being domestic on a Friday night?

I made crab rangoons with rice for dinner. It made me think about Kendra. :(. She should live here.....We had those for lunch last weekend and they were SOOO good. Better than the ones I made, but mine were good.

I need a new can opener. Mine for some reason does not seem to be working. I have no idea how a manual can opener breaks, but mine is really old. We have prob had it for like 10 years....Any suggestions, you kitcheny peeps? I found one on Amazon that looks nice.... but I have no can opener buying experience. Ha.

Nothing too amusing at the office today for me to post about. We had no court today, somehow. So it was nice to be in the office drafting and trying to catch up on calls and the like.


Rebecca said...

I like, love that you posted this blog twice, just goes to show just how much you missed me :) And umm, did you make the Kraft recipe crab rangoons or just some frozen ones from a box? Don't make the Kraft crab rangoons without me!!!

Yay! I'm home! And you're not on instant messenger....WTF??? :-P You know, if you weren't married, people might wonder about us and our relationship...

Lisa said...

All domesticated Lori, your dinner sounds amazing! I need to get my butt there for dinner :)

And the can opener, we had that one at work actuallyl. It was hard to use...but than again I'm used to the automatic ones, lol.