Thursday, April 30, 2009

My Feet Hurt

Made the above for Kurt for dinner. Was really easy to make, quick, and tasted so much better than about quick meals. I added broccoli to it because i had some leftover from dinner last night. Kurt really liked it. I recommend! :).

Got more details on the Uganda trip today. The place sent me a detailed itinerary with the lodges we would stay at while on safari and they all look really, shall we say, different? It's funny that these places are considered "luxury" because some of my higher maintenance friends would be having a heart attack with these tented accomodations. I think it looks super fun though! Below are the places we would stay at on safari. Some of them for one night, some more. And, we have to pick places for before and after safari as well, as we will have two nights in Entebbe and one in Kampala.

Lake Mburo Luxury Tented Camp

Lake Kitandara Luxury Tented Camp

Mweya lodge

Primates Lodge

Paraa Lodge

Had court all morning, and then got some filings done at the court since we were there. Long day as well, we did not get out of the office until around 7:00 p.m. or so. Kurt met with a woman on a really interesting case tonight. We will have to see if she hires us or not, but it could be very lucrative and very interesting. We will see though.

Julia passed the Texas bar! Woo hoo! I knew she would. She is a super genius and bar expert, this being her third bar exam in three years (MI, CA and now TX). Congrats Julia! :). Stacey at work found out two of her friends did NOT pass, taking the bar for the SECOND time. OMG, I would freak. I feel badly for them, that would suck so badly. All that schooling, then you can't pass the test to get to practice law. Ugh. All my friends passed, luckily, so I did not have to not gloat about my passing, LOL.

I am exhausted, so I am going to close here.......


Rachael said...

I know a woman who worked as an assistant to a stock broker for years and took the Series 7 test FOUR times and never passed!
It killed her. She is very smart, but just couldn't pass. She finally gave up and pursued a different field and is so much happier now.

RoseAnn said...

The accomodations do look interesting but I think you'll have so much fun!

Thanks for the recommendation on the meal kit. I have a coupon for those and Robert spotted them at the store the other night but it's nice to know they come recommended.

Cheryl said...

Those places do look different! What an exciting trip that will be though - definitely a change from your American law firm settings!

.................Nancy said...

Well, those places look much more luxurious than the places I stayed at when we did our safari in northern Cameroom hehe. (Our most luxurious 'hotel' was a 4 bunk-bed in a 3 walled, metal tinned roof thing RIGHT on a cliff, I was seriously terrified of falling in the cliff if I had to go to the 'washroom' at night hehe. Those places look amazing though, it's probably the most luxury you'd want on a safari anyway, it'd be weird to go to sleep in a swanky hotel I think hehe.

There was one super swanky Hilton in Yaounde, Cameroon, and we went to visit it once or twice, and it was ridiculously luxurious! More luxurious than any hotel I had ever seen, I swear. But the people who stayed there didn't really seem to be discovering Africa. We went there to meet some people twice, and then we brought them out to eat the local food and they raved about it! hehe.

I am sooo jealous, I would love to go back to Africa. I would love to discover another african country, but at the same time it would be amazing to see my Cameroon friends that I still keep in touch with.

I can't WAIT to see the pictures from that trip!