Saturday, April 25, 2009

Easy Meal

Just made Kung Pao Ahi Tuna. I bought this meal in a box today, and the directions said to add chicken. I substituted in Ahi Tuna. Anyway, it was AWESOME. The only reason I bought it was I had a coupon and thought it looked interesting. I will be trying some of the other varieties soon.

Highly recommend. Yum. If you go to the website above, you can get a coupon for $1 off your next purchase. I will be printing off several, ;).
Go Tigers!


Megan said...

I've seen those at the store (and have seen the coupons for them in the Sunday paper)... but I've been hestitant to try them.

After your good review, I may have give it a try after all!

colfin2002 said...

I've had the spicy chicken one... I had a coupon too! It was great and REALLY hot! I would definitely get it again!

RoseAnn said...

I've seen the coupons, too but never tried them. Now maybe I finally will!

Jenn said...

We've had the sweet and sour chicken and it was delicous.