Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Question of the Day

What is your favorite clothing/accessory website?

Beauty/beauty product website?

Fav discount website?


Rachael said...

I shop mostly from Nordstrom. Otherwise I go to local small retailers and stay away from the chain mall stores. Although, I'll buy the occasional basic cardigan or tank top from those places.

For beauty products, I go to Sephora, Kiehl's (Nords), Aveda and Pharmaca (they carry natural, mineral products)

For discount website, I use bluefly.com. I am a terrible discount shopper, so I am curious to see the suggestions posted :)

Brittany said...

For clothes and such, I go to Macy's.com, Heels.com, Like.com and Zappos.com. I don't typically buy beauty products online, and I'm a horrible discount shopper, so I don't have any websites for that.

Lori H said...

Hmm. I love a lot of shopping sites.

Re clothing, I love whitehouseblackmarket.com for their sale section. Accessories, I love any site that has discount stuff or clearance sites. For example, my new Cole Haan purse was from the outlet section of the site and I saved a ton.

For discounts in general, I look at a lot of sites like smartbargains.com, overstock.com, any site's clearance or outlet section, ebay.com, half.com. Almost anything I buy online I will google coupon codes for the site, or google the actual item and find it cheaper. I bought a book tonight for more than half off retail by taking the time to look online for a cheaper price and not rushing out to borders to just pick it up.

Love online shopping.

Jennifer said...

I do most of my shopping online. For me, Nordstrom or Bloomingdale's and for Madison, Old Navy.

Sephora is my favorite beauty supply online store.

I like Bluefly for discounts, and I also google coupon codes for any site I use.