Sunday, April 12, 2009

Question(s) of the Day

Do people really think that putting pictures of fetuses and murder messages on bumper stickers on their cars is going to stop people from getting abortions? And, second, why do MEN think they should have ANY say over what a woman does with her body?


Rebecca said...

There's freedom of speech/expression/religion for you. I had a similar discussion with a client the other day. I respect other peoples opinions, as long as they don't try and shove their beliefs/thoughts down my throat.

One thing I don't like seeing though is the people protesting along the road outside of a church with the little crosses all over the place, and they have their 7 year old kid with them. Don't expose them to that!

Lori H said...

OMG, I totally hate that too. It truly disgusts me how people push their views on their kids like that too. I don't think abortion is even something kids should be EXPOSED to. Seriously.

Rachael said...

I don't really know, its hard to think in that mindset of pushing views and opinions on others.

People like this think their moral beliefs are right and their way is the only way, and therefore they should be able to choose what's right for other people. Ignorance.

Its not just the pro-lifers, I also see the extreme liberal side doing it too regarding other issues here in Seattle. I think its obnoxious and ignorant.

I think having STATE license plates promoting pro-life is BS and a line should be drawn on government agency involvement. The state should not have any vested interest in any one side- otherwise they need to allow equal sponsorship. The state should not be allowed to legislate morality.

Lori H said...

There are states that HAVE THAT? OMG don't even say that! AARGH.

And yea, I agree both sides do stupid crap like that, liberals and conservatives.

Seriously, though, if I got a bumper sticker that said "Promote Abortion" or "the country is overpopulated, try abortion", people would have a mental breakdown--but these anti abortion bumper stickers are somehow acceptable. Ugh.

Rachael said...

Ugh yeah, Florida. I'm not aware of any other states, Ive only seen FL's. If you google it, the Pro-Choice side has been trying to petition it for years. The State is charging them $75K to buy their rights to make their own "Pro-Choice" plates. Sick, eh?

Haha, if you had those stickers, you can bet your car would get keyed, tires slashed and your windows would have a lovely imprint of a bat!

RoseAnn said...

Here in CO, we have a "Respect Life" license plate.