Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Life and Such

Had a massage tonight. I almost moved the appointment because I have not gotten any headaches at all recently, and I felt fine. Yea, once I got there and she started working on me, I realized I am still all effed up. Freaking stress. LOL. The massage was really good though, and I got to talk to my mom a little bit on the way home, which was nice.

This week has been pretty busy so far. Nothing too exciting. I am getting slightly annoyed by the amount of bills we have pouring in right now. It seems like this time of the year, every year (around tax time really), we have a lot of non-normal expenses due, like malpractice insurance, taxes, IRA contribution requirements, trees for our yard, etc. It's insane. Plus, I want to send in the deposit for our Uganda trip, which is only 30% but still. AARGH. I will be happy for this month to be over so I can start building up our accounts again. I truly despise the IRS.

The Tigers are annoying me right now. And, I hate the Yankees. HAHA.

I have really been researching Uganda hardcore and my book arrived today, so I have been reading that as well. I am getting more and more excited about this destination. Oh, the pictures I will take! :).

We are actually attending the Jefferson Honors Night this year and handing out our scholarship. This is the 5th year we have had it, and we have not, for one reason or another, been able to attend and hand it out and the school just does it for us. This year, we can go! I have to figure out what to say. I imagine that I will speak, since I am on the school board and all.......We also doubled the award this year, and the girl getting it will actually get some use of the money because she is going to community college. $1000 at U of M or whatever does pretty much nothing. I think that pays for like 2 credits? Maybe? Anyway, it will be great to attend and I can't wait!

I am so jealous of jessica! She is going to Orlando this weekend to see family and is going to my fav outlet mall. Sigh. I totally should go with her, but I can't because I have a bunch of plans this weekend.

To bed I go......

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Lisa said...

My boss was just complaining of all the legal bills he has to, dues, society fees etc. just this morning, lol.

I live vicariously through your travel, ugh, I need a travel life, lol.