Thursday, April 16, 2009

The End


I just finished watching The Gilmore Girls. The entire series. I never saw this show when it was actually on the air. No idea why. I guess my normal life is too crazy to have the time to watch a show every week when it is on, so I tend to steer away from series. I started it on 8/1/08 and watched all seasons, ending today, 04/16/09. So I guess it took me 8 months, 15 days to watch it all! Seven years of TV in 8 months! I rock! haha.

But, I loved it. So much. I feel like I have lost a friend or something with it ending, LOL.

I literally cried through the entire last three episodes, on and off. And now, even though the show is fiction, I am dying to know what happens with all the fictitious characters. Whomever wrote this show is a freaking genius.

Amazing show. The characters are incredible and all the plotlines kept my attention. Rory and Lorelei really remind me of me and my Mom, I think. Maybe that's why I like it so much! :).

Anyway, off to finish my laundry. And to figure out what series I need to watch next! I do have half a season of The L Word to finish (Season 5) and I might start The Hills. so many people i know are addicted, so it can prob be my next addiction, LOL. I need something to make working out fun, right?


Rebecca said...

No, what you need to watch is Queer as Folk! Emmett misses you...

Lori H said...

U r right Rebecca. I should start watching that again, and just get movies from Netflix for Kurt and I to watch.......Love Emmett.

.................Nancy said...

I don't think that I've ever cried so much at a tv series as the day Rory gave her graduation speech. O-M-G did I ever BAWL!! I loved her speech so much that I posted it on my blog at some point hehe

Miss Thang said...

Love love love Gilmore Girls! I watched every single episode of every single season while it was on. And it is definitely one of my favorite shows of all time.

The Hills is a must. It's pointless and thoughtless, but the drama! I made Matt watch an episode with me the other night and he was totally into it. "Who is that guy?" "Why is that guy such a d-bag?" "Whoa! That girl is totally two-faced! She tells her brother one thing and her sister-in-law/friend something completely else!"

Hilarious ;)