Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Day One/Two of my New Life

Woke up pretty early, which I guess is the norm here.  Sun comes up around 530 AM, so the pugs are ready to get up around then too, LOL.  I think we actually got up around 700 AM.  However, weirdly, I don't even really care what time it is here. 

Kurt started pulling all the luggage and bags in the house and I started unpacking it all.  Clothing, electronics, shoes, toiletries, jewelry, etc.  There are literally no closets in this house, so Kurt is going to turn one of the bedrooms into a huge closet vanity and storage area for us.  Right now, my clothes are separated on the floor in piles-dresses, skirts, shirts, shorts, undergarments, workout clothes, shoes.  Oddly organized.  Put all toiletries away in bathroom and jewelry is still in bags in a bookcase, need to organize that as well.

After all that, we decided to head into town to buy the most important item of the day, a mattress.  Went to bed/mattress store and bought a king sized mattress.  Could not find a bed I liked.  Still have not, so for now, we are sleeping the mattress on the floor until I find what I want or have Kurt build it.  Or hire someone to do it.  There is a guy building us the rest of our kitchen cabinets since they were only half done, maybe I can hire him to do something.  He makes all custom stuff and it's beautiful.  Anyway, also bought a new pillow and am teal bedspread.  Kurt was hungry, so we stopped for lunch at Mono Verde, where we bought had some appetizers that were incredible.  Awesome place.  After that, we headed to a store in town called Monge that sells electronics and furniture.  We bought a washer, as we don't have one.  Brought that home in the SUV.  Went back and bought two red couches as well as a refrig which will be delivered this week sometime.  After that, we went to the grocery store to buy some necessities for the house.  That night, we went and walked around downtown Jaco.  I bought an adorable sign for the front porch that says Pura Vida and has turtles on it, as well as an awesome painting by a local artist of two sloths that Kurt is going to hang soon.  Kurt had a milkshake and we came home and I made some rice for dinner.  Bed after that.

Slept much better on a mattress, LOL.  Woke up early again and decided to go for a run in my neighborhood with Kurt.  Went around 1.5 Miles as Kurt has not run in a long time and was getting tired because of the heat and just needing to build his endurance up again. It was still a nice run though.  We decided to head into town to pay the amount owing at Monge (they would only let us pay half on day one for whatever reason) and then Kurt had breakfast at The Coffee Shop, which is our friend Dean's fav place to eat in Jaco.  Left there, and headed to Escazu to go to the Costa Rican Lowe's called EPA and to Walmart.  Kurt needed a lawn mower desperately.  Found that and bought some other odds and ends there.  Then, went to Walmart and bought a ton of household and kitchen items.  It's weird because in MI I had everything I needed and here, have to buy everything. You don't even think about everything you use until you don't have it, LOL.  Bought two lounge chairs for outside and tested those out tonight and they are awesome.  Came home and unpacked everything and got it all set up.  Then made my first Costa Rican dinner of fresh tilapia, fresh eggs, and rice.  Ate it on the front porch and then chilled at the pool for a bit with Midas.  He just loves being outside.

Oh, I got my cell phone set up today as well at ICE.  So, I now have an iPhone 5s that can receive/send calls and texts and hook to internet, which is nice.  If you need Kurt or my numbers, just let me know.

My goal down here is to eat as little processed food as possible.  At the grocery store, I seriously would not even pick up anything in a package. Kurt bought some chips, and I think that was the worst thing we bought.  They have a fish market here I really want to go to soon, and on Fridays a veggie and fruit market. 

Kurt was exhausted after dinner and has been sleeping on the couch ever since.  I decided to take this time to catch up on my blogging.

Tomorrow, we are hoping to get a PO box here for mail.  Kurt is also hoping to mow the lawn.  We need to go back to Monge and buy a dryer, two bikes, and a grill.  I also want to get some more art work for then house, but that is not something we have to do immediately.  The owner left a couple pieces, I am just not crazy about them.  Will leave them up until I find what I want.

Anyway, I am getting tired now, so I am going to sign off.  I promise to post more pics of the house and area soon, just have been so busy getting the house set up and ready.

Hope everyone is doing well!  PURA VIDA.




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