Thursday, May 29, 2014


Lazy day today.  Got up and went running, swimming, then decided to take a nap by the pool in the shade.  Woke up a little red.  I guess you still get sun even in the shade?  Weird.  Sunscreen next time......Still a nice nap.

Got up and did some chores around the house and made Kurt breakfast.  Learned living here that eggs are Gretel's favorite food.  Every time I even crack an egg, she is by me waiting for them to be done cooking.  She is obsessed.  We never made eggs in MI, so I guess we never knew this until now.

The AC guy came and worked on the units today some more and cleaned the parts on the roof.  He also cleaned the pool while he was here.

We bought the bikes yesterday, but the seats had to be adjusted, pedals screwed on, etc.  Kurt did all that today. He also measured and my hammock cannot be hung where I wanted on the porch, BOOO.  We will figure out another place though.

Wanted to try a place called Wahoo's for dinner in town, got there, they were closed on Thursday.  So we went to Taco Bar instead and for ice cream at Pops and the gym.  I really wanted to skip the gym but Kurt made me go and I am glad he did.  Got in a good workout, which was needed after dinner out and ice cream, LOL.




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Rebecca said...

Rule of thumb is that if you still see a shadow, you can still burn :)

And eggshells are good for dogs! You can rinse them out and toss them in their food, or grind them up. I toss a bunch in the food processor or blender and grind them up to a powder and sprinkle it on the dogs food.