Sunday, May 11, 2014

The Bar Results Are In and..........

Kory passed!  He got his results on Friday at around 300 PM.  Awesome news. I am taking him to be sworn in tomorrow in Wayne County.  He will be doing hearings the next day!  Yay!  I am bringing my camera, so hopefully I have pics from that event soon.

Had dinner with Rebecca and Lesley at Howe's Bayou in Ferndale this week.  It was super nice to see both of them and my soup was awesome.  Salad was good as well.  Drive to Oakland County was annoying in rush hour traffic, as usual.  Glad I never have to do that drive again.

Friday night, I had an awesome dinner at Crave in Dearborn with Ron and Erika.  Food was super yummy and the company even better.  I had the gem roll, a California roll spicy and miso soup.  All superb.

I ran a million errands this weekend and did some more packing.  Booked Dean's flight home as well for Monday.  Kurt will be alone for the first time after he drops Dean off on Monday, so he is really wanting me there. Bought some new earrings on super clearance while out.  I love them.  They have a screw back so I can be sure to not lose them in costa rica while doing tons of outdoor stuff.

I have to take Lucie in to the travel vet this week after Tuesday since she is out of town until then.  Then, I have to drive to Lansing to get the approval docs for Lucie to leave the country and enter Costa Rica.  Have to get some stuff done with the State in relation to the firm and bank accounts, etc.  Lots to do this week.  On top of lots of hearings at the office.

I did book my flight out of here though for Sunday at 145 PM.  Ron and his truck are taking me to the airport.  I think I am going to have a lot of stuff, like 8 suitcases and several carry ons.  Flying with Lucie first class, as I thought it would be easier for her to be around less people since she has to go in a carrier and everything.

Pic below is one Kurt texted me of Bugsy lying by the pool at our house. My indoor car apparently likes the outdoors now, especially the pool.  Too funny.

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Rebecca said...

Wow, it's really real now. How crazy! And exciting! Can't wait to hear about the next round of adventures.