Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Quiet in Jaco on Tuesday

We were both kinda tired today, so we got up and ran, I jumped in the pool, made Kurt breakfast, switched over my laundry, and then ended up napping some on the couch.  Kurt had a headache, as I do not think he is drinking enough here, which he needs to do with the weather being different.  He took a nap as well, and when we both woke up, I made us both smoothies for lunch.  Kurt's was grapes, passion fruit and pineapples and he loved the odd combination.  And, it got rid of his headache!
We decided to head into town then to check out another store we had heard about.  Bought a wood carved toucan for the porch wall, which was the last piece I needed for out there on the walls!  Yay!  Stopped in Jaco too at the pescaderia we were told about and both some snapper for dinner.  Decided after that to take a drive to Herradura Beach and walk around.  It was about sunset but it was too cloudy to see a good sunset.  But, we walked the beach and the weather was so perfect.  It was nice to be on the beach, first time since I got here.  :).  we will go back and take more pics when it is sunny soon.
Since it's *rainy* season here right now, we get rain on and off throughout the day.  It never lasts a long time, and is super relaxing to listen to.  I love sitting on the front porch and just watching it.  Yesterday, it started raining while we were in downtown Jaco, and I saw a rainbow in front of us.  Just beautiful.  Bad pic through a raindropped cover window, but you see it!
Took a pic of Kurt taking our trash out to the neighborhood bin so you could see what it looked like.



Yard is really coming along.  The pile to BURN is huge. 

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