Thursday, May 22, 2014

Day 4--Bed Delivery, Gym, Dryer, Art work and More

The day started off with me going for a run and quick swim in the pool.  Since Kurt fell trail running yesterday, he skipped out since his leg kinda hurt from the cuts.  Wuss.  :)

After that, the people came with our new bed and put it together.  It is gorgeous.  I love it.  Went into town after that to the bank to cash in some money we needed to, and stopped at a place where we can open a PO Box.  They gave us an email address to put the request in at, which I did a little bit ago.  Hopefully they respond, as I need to order some things from the States and can't right now with no mailing address.

Went into downtown Jaco after that to look for some art work and order our clothes dryer.  Found some more pieces of art, and ordered the dryer.  That, our new frig and two couches are being delivered tomorrow some time between 11-3/.  Blocks of time, just like the US!  Ha.  Stopped at the grocery store, then came home for a while.

Worked on hanging the art work, and then decided to relax and head out so I could check out the gym for the first time.  Did a light workout, some abs, free weights and biking.  Can't wait to buy a bike so I can bike outside and not in a gym.  But until Kurt gets me some free weights, I like the gym for weight workouts.  Kinda busy and hot in there though.

Made dinner, this time adding in corn on the cob, which Kurt says was good.  I had fish, rice and fresh eggs, Kurt had the corn instead of the rice since I only had one serving left.  All was good.

Tomorrow I am excited to check out the farmers market in the morning!




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