Saturday, May 03, 2014

Kurt's Blog and Trip Update

For those of you who are interested in following Kurt's journey to Costa Rica and his thoughts on living there, you can follow his new blog at:  We are also keeping this blog running, but it will mostly be my separate blog going forward!

For a quick update, Kurt left for Costa Rica on 4/24 at 600 PM and arrived tonight at 1000 PM in Jaco.  About a day earlier than expected.  Him and his travel partners, Barney and Dean, have checked into two separate hotels in Jaco.  Jaco is very busy right now and they could not find two rooms at one hotel that accepted pets.  The dogs and Bugsy are doing well, but Kurt can tell they really want to stop travelling and relax in one location.  Kurt will be going to the house tomorrow morning to check how it is doing and work out transferring utilities with the old owner who still resides there as our temp caretaker.  He has lived there and taken care of the property since we left.

Anyway, Kurt's blog details the journey from Newport, MI, to Jaco, Costa Rica.  He has be without Internet for some time, so he will update more once he is connected back up.

Next step now is me and Lucie starting our journey down there.  We are finishing up selling some stuff and getting the office ready for our departure as well as packing. No set date yet since we have to wait for Kory to get his bar results.

Pura Vida!


Rebecca said...

Glad he made it without any big problems!

Katie Gennaro said...

Ditto to what Rebecca said!

Bob Baca said...

We are very interested in Kurts trip to Jaco! We would love to dive our animals to CR. I am also interested in your experiences there thus far. My family and I are headed to Manuel Antonio in July where we will begin a new chapter in our lives. It would be great to hear from folks who are in CR already. Let me know if we can share emails. Bob and Lori