Monday, May 26, 2014

Finally Have Internet, Thank you ICE

Kurt went into ICE 19 days ago to request that Internet be set up at the house.  The wiring and such was already here as the previous owner had it. So, they basically had to come turn it on, which has to be done in person.  We had about given up on it, and today, they showed up!  Did some work at the street and in the house and VOILA!  Wireless internet.  I can now use my laptop and iPad and hook up everything.  Hooray!  Before we were limited to our phones and this plug we had for one computer.  We are shocked, yet thrilled.
Headed out after that on a mission to find King Bed Sheets.  Mission accomplished.  We were using a blanket as sheets before and it was annoying.  Sheets on bed, done.  I don't think many people have king sized beds here, because they are a hard size to find.  Stopped at this little store in Tarcoles I read about online as well and found 4 new pieces of art for the house.  FAB place.  Way lower priced than the Jaco stores and better quality and craftsmanship.  They had some amazing doors as well, which Kurt may eventually go get.  We hung the pieces when we got home.
Hung out at home the bulk of the day, went running and to the gym, but just kinda relaxed.  Did two loads of laundry and hung the clothes outside, which is new for me.  Don't have the dryer hooked up yet, so hanging it outside.  Things dry quickly here!  :).
Sat outside a lot today as well.  There was a rain shower, and it was sunny through the whole thing, and really pretty to watch.  I was expecting a rainbow, but did not see one.  Sat out there until dark when the mosquitos start to come out.  Really need to buy repellant..............
Hope everyone had a good Memorial Day.  Thank you to all the military people in my life.







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