Friday, May 23, 2014

Day 5 in Paradise

Woke up this morning and headed to the Jaco Farmer's Market which was awesome.  Kurt got a blackberry pie and a gallon of orange juice (freshly squeezed in front of us), then we got a variety of fruits and veggies as well.  I bought a passionfruit and tried it tonight and OMG.  Amazing.  I need to buy more of those next time.  It's like eating candy.  I need to buy more of those.  We also used one of the nectarines to make Kurt a smoothie, and he had some apples today as well.  Everything awesome and fresh from the local farms.

Came back to the house after the market and the guy to work on our lawn came over.  He worked all day, mowing the lawn and working on trimming our massively over grown bushes.  He did an amazing job. He is coming back tomorrow to do more.  A pool guy came over today as well to quote us a price on servicing the pool, but we are thinking about if we want to hire that out or not.  He is coming next week to clean our our AC units.


After that, more furniture was delivered by Monge.  We got a new frig, since ours was way too big for the space and the ice maker was broken.  New one is kinda small, but it is all we need since we are going to keep the other one outside anyway at the pool area once that is done.  We can store drinks in the bigger one, and food in the smaller one.  I almost don't even need cupboard space since I am eating nothing processed at all here though.  Speaking of cabinets, the cabinet guy came today as well.  The previous owner only has half the cabinets built in the kitchen, so the guy that built the first ones is building the second for us.  Those should be done soon too. We also got two new couches since the ones left here were kind of disgusting and old and a dryer.  I think Kurt is going to hook up the washer and dryer tomorrow.

I made black beans on the stove today for the first time and they turned out great.  I made a LOT by accident, but will just make them with every meal until they are gone.  So much better for you not buying them canned.

The house is really coming along now.  I am really excited for me other outside chairs to be delivered tomorrow (hopefully).  It would be nice if ICE ever showed up at my house to set up my WIFI, but it is what it is.  We have internet on one computer and on our phones so we survive.

Tomorrow, I plan on going on a different run by the house.  If you go the opposite way of where I usually run, I guess there is a trail up into the rain forest and monkeys and other birds are up there.  I am hoping to see some more wildlife.  Today, I was excited to see a motmot in the backyard and what I think was some kind of parakeet in the front yard.  There are a ton of butterflies around the front porch too.  I have seen our toucan once since we have moved in.  It's hard though as they hang out in the back yard and we are always in the front.

Went to the gym tonight and ran this morning, followed by a dip in the pool.  I love following up a workout with a swim!  :).

Midas is really worn out.  Our friend RJ came over for a bit today with his two Yorkies and Midas played a LOT with them.  He is now exhausted.  It's pretty cute.  XXOO.

Pura Vida.



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