Tuesday, May 06, 2014

In Da House! The Jaco House

Kurt moved into the Jaco house on Sunday around 200 PM.  Yay!  The pugs were excited to run around the yard and explore their new place. I am relieved he is there and things are going well.  He is now in the process of obtaining a cell phone, getting utilities switched into his name, and getting internet and satellite TV set up.  I have only been able to talk to him sporadically online and on the phone.  His one travel companion went home today to Florida & the other guy is staying on another week or so.  Oh, and Kurt said there were macaws in our yard today, so that is awesome.  I love macaws.

Last week, a group of women lawyers I am part of had a little going away dinner for me at FishBones in Detroit.  Had a blast seeing everyone and the food, as usual, was amazing.  Great service too.  Angie brought a cupcake cake, and it was super yummy as well.

I left work early today to get a massage.  Then came home to do things around the house. I packed more suitcases.  I was out at the pond feeding the fish, and was excited about 4 Koi I saw playing.  I saw movement in the pond, and looked up to see a goose.  Was then even MORE excited to see 5 baby geese!  They were insanely cute.  I was lucky enough to get some pics of them.  I was a little worried the Mama might attack me.  I don't think she was happy with my presence, but she stayed in the water with the little ones and left me alone.  It made my night.

Had a fabulous weekend.  Friday night, I went to a fundraiser for Paula's house with Ron and Jessica.  Great night with music, auctions, dinner and drinks.  Saturday, my Mom came home to visit and I spent the day shopping with her and having dinner with my family.  Sunday, I had brunch with my Momma, then dinner with my Aunt, Dad, and Carl for my Aunt's bday. 

Trying to keep busy, as it makes me forget how much I miss my husband and my pets.  Lucie is great to have around, but I miss the dogs and Bugsy a lot.  Boo.

Cannot wait for Kory to get his bar results so I can start planning my next steps.


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