Wednesday, May 07, 2014


Kory got notice today that bar results were mailed today, meaning he should have them tomorrow!

Once he gets those, I can start the process to move.  I cannot wait. I miss my family a lot.  Sounds like Kurt is getting a lot of things done though, so it will be less for me to figure out once I get there. 

I have so much to do once he does get his results though.  Have to within 10 days of leaving take Lucie in for her last appointment and get her approval documents from Lansing for customs in Costa Rica.  I have to get Kory sworn in at federal court and circuit and help him get things situated with the firm before I leave.

Was supposed to get a pedicure with Nancy tonight but she did not get my email and didn't make it.  I went anyway, and it was nice to relax. Looking forward to dinner tomorrow with Rebecca and Lesley in Ferndale.

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