Saturday, May 24, 2014

Day 6--Date Night

Our custom made outdoor red chairs were delivered yesterday morning.  They are gorgeous.  Love them on the front porch with the rockers.  Talked to the guys who delivered them about building a storage unit for the bathroom and a bed for the guest room.  They are going to get back to us the price and time frame. 

Went to another furniture store in Jaco that I did not like. Everything was wicker and made in Mexico, which was odd to me.  I would rather buy stuff locally made.  Got Kurt a saw at the hardware store and a staple remover he needed. 



Decided to go into town for dinner after the gym.  Wanted to go to Bohio's but we drove down there and it was not open, which was odd.  Hoping they are not closed down.  Went back into the main strip and went to Caliche's Wishbone, which is a place I really like.  Had a mahi burrito and Kurt had a veggie rice bowl.  Went for gelato after that and had tiramisu gelato that was amazing.  Awesome night out.  Bought a hammock, clock and napkin holder while out as well.  Hammock shall be put between posts on the front porch soon and pictures later!  :).





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