Thursday, February 01, 2007

Friends and Family

So, tonight I went to dinner with my friend, Nancy, at Big Fish in Dearborn. I had a coupon to use for 40% off one meal, and I love that place. The food was awesome, as usual, but the service was somewhat annoying. This waitress walked by the table WAY too many times......I really wanted to be like GO AWAY. And then, she came and took my credit card slip away before we left and that is a pet peeve of mine. I never did that to customers when I waitressed. I think it's so rude. Anyway. It was awesome to see Nancy. She claims she thought I would look different now that I am a lawyer, but apparently, I don't. :).

Yesterday, Val (my ex-stepsister, LOL, who Kurt just calls my sister now since it's easier than all those pre-words), came over after work and spent the night. Rebecca ended up coming over too, so we all hung out. We took Val to Uno's for dinner, and then once Rebecca got here, we watched Napoleon Dynamite on DVD, which I have never seen. I really need to watch it again because I did not get to see the whole thing.

So. I think I need some sleep. I am so glad tomorrow is Friday. This week has been total insanity at the office and I so need a break.

Remind me to schedule a hair appointment.


Lisa said...

I've been told it's better the second time anyway Lori.

sunshine :) said...

I agree, that is annoying and rude when waiters do that... it makes you feel like they are ushering you out.

Rebecca said...

Lisa is right, it's better the second time, and third, and fourth...

Make a hair appointment! You should do it for Feb. 10th (next Saturday) so you can come into the office for a massage :)