Sunday, February 25, 2007

Low Key Day

We were supposed to go into the office this morning, but when we went outside it was horrible. Kurt almost fell over--in the driveway. So, we cut that plan short and came back into the house.

Kurt worked on the upstairs bathroom all day. We went to Lowe's and Target tonight to pick up some more things. Kurt needed paint and 6 more tiles from Lowe's. We bought all the accessories for the bathroom at Target, including a white/black rug, two towel holders (silver), the toilet paper holder (silver), and then red tissue holder, garbage can, soap holder, toothbrush holder..........Also, bought three black frames in which I ordered three of my own photos for--three different red flowers to match the red in the bathroom. I can't wait to put those up, but I have to wait for the pics to come in the mail. Yay. Can't wait until this bathroom is done.

Watched a new show on DVD today called Big Love. Liked it, so I put more of it on my Netflix list. Also watched more of Queer As Folk, I am addicted. I am almost done watching the entire first season and am going to feel deprived until Rebecca brings me season 2.

1 comment:

Rebecca said...

You won't be watching season 2 until I come over and finish season 1 with you :)

And I love how Kurt keeps having to go to Lowes for just a few tiles here and there...