Monday, February 05, 2007

Sore, but Happy

I had a fabulous workout tonight. (which can be seen at my workout blog in the sidebar). Kurt worked out with me, which was nice. I think I work out even better with him. Anyway, I can feel myself getting better with each workout. I can do more crunches, can walk uphill longer, can run further.........did more weight on my chest/back exercises.

I was so mad What About Brian was not on! Some stupid wedding show was on in it's place, ugh. Next week, thankfully, it is back on.

Work was great today too. I got so much paperwork done, as Misty was there answering the phones. The conference room table was filled with work done.

It was so cold here today, schools were cancelled simply because of the temperature. The schools in our town were all cancelled, and prob will be tomorrow as well. Crazy. I have never heard of school being cancelled because it is too cold. And Manistee, where I grew up?? They never cancelled school ever. And they are cancelled today AND tomorrow. That shows how insanely cold it is here. On the way to work today, the bank clock said -4. I have never seen the bank clock say anything negative re the temperature.

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Lisa said...

I can't believe how darn cold the weather is...I wonder if they did cancellations here because of the cold?