Sunday, February 18, 2007

Rebecca Yelled at Me

...because I have not blogged since Friday. I took away all her fun of reading updated blogs on Sunday night. Sorry, Rebecca! Better late than never, right?

Pretty nice weekend here at the Haskell Home. For the most part, we stayed in. Yay. I did not feel like having "set" plans, just wanted to go with the flow.

Friday after work was hilarious. Rebecca loaned me some workout videos she does not use anymore, and Kurt sits in the room while I do them sometimes. He likes to harass me, and was talking about how *easy* the videos were. I laughed, because besides the fact that he is totally uncoordinated, he has only used the gym maybe 4 times since it opened downstairs, and is totally not in shape yet. So, I challenged him. We came home and did the video, and umm, Kurt did not do so well. He stopped after part one, and for what he did during part one, it was not very good. Because he is not coordinated, he probably only did about half and was off beat the entire video. I guess it was not to easy, hun Kurty? :). I love being right. My Mom's birthday was Friday. Happy Birthday Mommy! I sent her two packages and she had only received one as of her birthday. She really liked it though (gift one was two drummer shirts) and I already know she will like gift two....

Saturday was another fun day. Kurt and I went to Lowe's in the morning so I could pick out the tile for the walls of the second bathroom upstairs. I had a vision in my head, which was what we bought at Lowe's. I looked at sinks too, but nothing there was right for me. Britton was over and while Kurt was working upstairs on the bathroom tile, Britton and I watched two movies: Accepted and The Break-Up. Both were great, lazy movies. I liked The Break-Up more, but I did not like the ending of that one very much. Accepted kinda started slow, but ended up being funny and good. I worked out in the afternoon after the movies, took a shower, and then Rebecca got here. Kurt, Britton, Rebecca and I did dinner at Quatro's, which was yummy. Came home and hung out at the house for the rest of the night. Oh, Rebecca introdued me to this show called Queer as Folk, that I am now addicted to. Total Lori show, but Kurt and Kory won't watch with me. :(.

Today, went this morning to Cabela's to buy some new workout clothes. Kory gets a discount since he works there, so I got awesome deals on really high end stuff....Also bought a new pea coat--mine is like 5 years old (maybe older) and really needs to be discarded. The new one is cranberry and so pretty! Got some cute Columbia gloves to match. Anyway, I ended up buying two Under Armor sports bras, one pair of black North Face capri pants, one pair of long pants (Under Armor), Under Armor black shorts and a black Northface tank.....I needed the stuff, my workout clothes are so old and worn. Watched another episode of Queer as Folk today, i love it!

Kurt finished the upstairs bathroom, for the most part. He put up all tile, and now needs to grout, put the sinks in, paint and I need to accessorize. I ordered the sinks online tonight, and they are super kewl. Click here to see them. Today at Lowe's, I accidentally found the perfect black stands for the sinks. Kurt will have to go back and pick them up when we need them.

So, that about sums up my weekend. Hope everyone else got a chance to relax as well.

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