Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Great Store

I got this coupon in the mail for a store that was having a grand opening in Taylor called Better Health. We stopped in after work. OMG. Great store. It was like GNC times 20, and they sold organic foods and drinks. I needed to buy some protein bars and the like. Sometimes right before working out or during the day I am hungry, and I wanted to buy something to supplement my working out, with high protein. So, I bought some Zone and Clif bars. I bought different flavors, so I could try them out before buying a ton of one kind. Kurt bought a bunch of drinks, and I bought this one energy drink for working out. We tried it before our workout, and WOW. I think it really did give me a boost of energy. Not a ton extra, but some. Called Redline.

Anyway, highly recommend the store if you live in Michigan.
Oh, took some pics of the gym. Keep in mind while viewing that we still need to clean the floor again (drywall dust, etc.), but for the most part, it is done. Kurt and Kory put up drywall, a drop ceiling and lights, the mat flooring, and the equipment and posters. Click here to see the pics.

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