Sunday, February 04, 2007

Cold in Michigan

It is so cold in Michigan right now. Almost record cold temps.

Current temp? 0 degrees Farenheit. Feels like? -15 degrees Farenheit. Not even kidding. And the rest of the week is not much better. It is not going to be over 23 degrees all week. Nice. Today, I went outside to the grocery store briefly and I could barely stand it getting into the car in the garage, it was to cold. Ugh. I can't stand this.

So, got to sleep in this morning. This working out crap annoys me sometimes, because I get fairly anal with what I am eating and doing. Bec, Kory and Britton went for pizza for lunch and I did not go, because I don't want to be counter productive with the working out. So, I just need to stay away from those kind of eating establishments...........Rebecca said the pizza place they went to was not that good anyway, so I am kinda glad I did not go.

The rest of the day, I just tried to get some things done around here. It is so cold though, I dont even want to get off the couch with my blanket. I did some laundry, did some dishes, picked up the house......My husband, the pseudo-plumber, fixed some things in my bathroom today that I have been begging him to fix for months. My sink and my shower had clogged pipes, so the water was taking longer to drain than normal, which in turn made the sink/shower get dirty more quickly, which drives me insane. He took eveything apart and now everything works. Yay.

Oh. Rebecca brought over a small refrigerator for the basement and I put water in it today. It will be nice to have it down there. I tend to forget it and have to run back upstairs to grab some.

The Colts won the Super Bowl. I did not really care who won, but I was rooting for the Bears since they were the underdog. So many turnovers in the game, it was crazy. Prince was the half time show, and I actually really liked it. Kewl lighting and fireworks effects.

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