Sunday, February 11, 2007

Busy Times

So, I had a pretty busy Saturday and weekend in general.

Saturday morning, I got up, took a shower, and headed to Rebecca's to hang out before my hair appointment. She massaged me some, which I apparently needed since I was in pain. Thanks Rebecca! After that, we went to Trader Joe's, and I discovered the best workout bar ever. I read on a blog previously about this bar, and have been looking for it since. It is a new one by Clif, and I have not seen it in any store yet. Well, Trader Joe's came through for me. I bought a bunch, and OMG, Yum. I highly recommend. It seriously tastes like a condensed blueberry muffin. I am def going to buy these in bulk. Oh, it is called Blueberry Crisp Clif. After that, got my hair done with Marnie. I actually got about 3 inches cut off, new highlights and some sideswept bangs, which is totally not like me. I dont change things with my hair often. Kurt can't really tell a difference, but I def can.

Then, drove home, changed, and left for dinner with Cliff and Lisa in Detroit at Pegasus. What a pain it was getting to Detroit. This winter blast thing is going on down there, and traffic and parking was a total chore. Pegasus was OK. The food was very good--I had a grilled shrimp meal with green beans and rice and diet coke, kurt has a greek salad. But, the service was horrible. The staff was rude--all of them. They practically kicked us out when we were done because they wanted our booth for others. I wont go back there. I can get Greek food elsewhere. But, it was nice to see Cliff and Lisa......Kurt and I headed to the Windsor casino after that, where I played some poker and blackjack and did not win. But thats OK, I had a good time.

Today, slept in a little bit. I needed it after the long day on Saturday. Got up and did some stuff around the house, stopped at the grocery store. I was feeling guilty for not working out yesterday, so I did one of the videos that Rebecca loaned me. Loved it. It kicked my butt. It was like cardio Pilates. I will be doing this one again. It hurt. Then, tonight, I did another workout in the gym.
Oh, went to Lowes today with Kurt to pick out the flooring for one of the upstairs bathrooms. Him and Kory pretty much finished it today, except for the grouting. It looks SOOO good. they also finally hung the mirror I bought forever ago from zGallerie in the other bathroom. It needs to be cleaned (they got stuff all over it hanging it, but it looks so kewl. I love that mirror.


Rebecca said...

Sorry to hear they were such bastards at Pegasus! I'm boycotting that place as well!

Lisa said...

Love the bathroom mirror and new flooring. They did a great job :)