Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Snow is Bad

Those of you who *like* snow? Umm, why. Seriously. I can't stand winter, and I can't stand snow. They are predicting like 12 inches or more in our area. I hate it. What about snow is good whatsoever? Nothing. And in Michigan, everyone forgets how to drive in this weather. Accidents everywhere, people driving too fast/slow. Growing up in northern MI, I get this. People downstate? Clueless. For the most part anyway.

So, the weather is cancelling like all my plans. I was supposed to do dinner with friends last night. Moved. Supposed to see a show at the theatre tonight. Cancelled. Tomorrow night am supposed to go to a bday party, and prob will not be able to do that either. See everyone? Snow=bad. :).

My kickboxing bag was delivered today, and I put it together in the basement. But, the base needs to be filled with water, a lot of water, and I have to figure out a good way to do this. The hole the water pours into is not that large, so I need to figure something out....One bucket at a time is going to take me the rest of the life.

I did an ab workout today since we left work early. We closed the office early because of the storm. The video killed me! Check my workout page if you are interested in the video. Oww..

Went to the Monroe County Clerk to put in my petition for the school board. It was due--today. Nothing like me procrastinating. HA. Paid my fee, put in the paperwork. As of the time I put it in, only one other person had, and there are two spots open. So, unless someone put their name in after I did at 9 a.m., I don't need to campaign or anything. Cross your fingers....

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sunshine :) said...

snow is for the mountains! I hate snow too :(