Friday, February 09, 2007

Latest Finds and Such

Nothing too exciting is going on. So, I am going to post about some new products I have found that I love since I started working out hardcore again.

1. Zenalean ProCaps. I discovered these today at Better Health when I stopped in to buy Redline drinks. Tada! It has ephedra. I heart ephedra. I used to take Xenadrine way back before law school, and then it got banned. Since then, I have found nothing even close. Until Zenalean. I took one this afternoon, and I was soooo awake. Love. Yay.

2. Redline drinks.

3. Clif bars. Yum. The first energy bar I have eaten that actually tasted good. I tried a Zone bar today, and, not so good. I need to start buying the Clif ones in bulk.

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RachelSW said...

I agree that zone bars sort of suck. I will have to try cliff bars are so lucky that you have an at home gym. I am looking forward to having that kind of room in our future house.