Friday, February 23, 2007

Crazy Busy

This working out crap is really cutting into my blogging time. Ha. But really, it is. By the time I work all day, come home, make dinner, work out....I am too tired to do much else than check my email and regular websites. I need to figure something out here to catch up on a more regular basis. I at least have been keeping up on the workout blog.

Tonight, I had a really nice dinner out with Kurt. We went to Dolce Vita in Monroe after work for sushi and to relax. It was so yummy. We had miso soup, split some sushi rolls, and then Japanese ice cream. Yay. We stopped at a furniture store we had never been to on the way home, and it had some nice stuff for really reasonable prices. We may go there and buy some new stuff once the hardwood flooring is done in the living room.

Work was crazy this week. And i had a board meeting last night that lasted over three hours. I was so exhausted when I got home.

So, this week, during the midst of the insanity of work, we decided to take a quick vacay. So, next weekend, we are going to Florida! I booked our flights and we leave after work on Friday. AND, we are flying first class with frequent flyer mile upgrades. Woo hoo. I heart flying first class. It makes the trip that much better, but I would never actually pay for it. So, while we are down there, we are going to watch a Tigers Spring Training game, visit my Maga and Bumpa in Port Richey, visit Kurt's brother in Orlando, and do some other stuff, maybe Busch Gardens. I can't wait just to get out of MI for a while.......

Anyway. Can't remember anything else significant, so I will write more if I can remember later.........

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