Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Nothing New in Newport

So, today was a pretty standard day, really. Nothing ultra-exciting to post about.

I was pretty tired when we got home, so I made dinner, and sat down to watch Beauty and the Geek. I totally did not want to work out, but I made myself. Yay. I always am glad once I get done.

I ordered a kickboxing bag on Amazon tonight. Yay. I have always wanted one, and now that we have the gym, I see no reason why I should not have it. Now, I need to put together some program for it. My old instructor told me he would help me out, but I feel kinda guilty asking him. I will try to find something online first.

I finally made my hair appointment today. I kept forgetting. So, I am going on Sunday and will prob meet up with Rebecca beforehand. I am going to get a massage from her and try to pay her, but she always just wants food, so I guess we will see. She always makes me feel better, and with all this working out, I really need it, I think! ;). I can't wait to get my hair cut. I really want something different, but always end up chickening out and getting the same sort of style. I don't like short hair for me, so my options are fairly limited.

1 comment:

Rebecca said...

Hey, you need to eat too....we can go get sushi, you love sushi!

And, I can massage you right here because I have a spare table!