Sunday, October 26, 2008


I am an addict. I admit it.

What am I addicted to?

The Gilmore Girls.

My Mom and Grama love the show. My Grama owns the entire series on DVD. My Mom has seen them all, several times. I figured that it was about time I started watching it, because I knew I would love it if they both did. Plus, Rebecca told me it was really good as well. Anyway, started getting the series, from the start, on Netflix DVDs. I am now on Season 3. I now discovered that you can find the episodes online as well. So, since I can't wait for Netflix videos to get here, I am now watching them online late at night too. Oh yes. Addicted. Such a freaking great show though. I love how all the characters are so well developed, and the story lines just draw me in. I love it all. Right now, Rory is a senior in high school. So, i have a ways to go......Anybody have any good sites you use online to watch shows? The one I am using is driving me nuts.....Slow.....

So, today I went out to run some errands. Had to pick up my prescription, and while there, got a flu shot at the pharmacy. So easy! No appointment needed, since they were not very busy. It's funny how small my town is, the pharmacist knows us from our prescriptions. He asked what our "big trip" planned this year would be....So, we talked some about Galapagos, and he talked about some places he wants to go. Nice guy. I should set him up with Rebecca! :). He loves to travel! I am guessing he is married though.

After that, headed into town as I am on a mission to find winter work clothes. For some reason, I am lacking on sweaters and such for work. So, I went to Kohl's and Elder Beerman, and to TJMaxx. Found nothing at TJMaxx. Found lots at Kohl's and Elder though. At Kohls, I ended up with two kewl silver necklaces (long ones that will look with turtleneck and cowlneck sweaters), 4 sweaters and two sweater coat things. At Elder Beerman, I bought two sweaters, a suit (grey) and one pair of black pants. I could not find pics online of everything, but here are links to some of the stuff below. I am so happy to have some warm stuff to wear that is professional, yet I can wear it outside of work too. I saved 15% at Kohl's by using a coupon too! Yay!

dark grey sweater

red sweater

blue sweater

Black Sweater

grey sweater


Grey Suit

Anyway, off to watch the rest of the World Series game and The Gilmore Girls! Night.


.................Nancy said...

I LOVE the GG's!! My coworker J is *just* like Emily Gilmore! lol. I love all the stuff you bought :)

RoseAnn said...

Maybe you should help Sarah Palin get some better deals on her campaign clothes! The news is saying she was spending $3500 per suit! LOL

Lori H said...

Yea, we could totally outfit Palin better and for cheaper! :).

It drove me crazy, yesterday, I saw some commercial where she was talking about "shopping at consignment shops in Alaska for all her clothes" and I was like SUUUUUREEEE, we are buying that. You live in a $400000.00 home, are governor, and ALL your clothes are second hand. Riigggghhhhhtttt.

Nicole said...

Those are some great sweaters! Great deals too.

MissThang said...

LOVE Gilmore GIrls, also :)

Super cute sweaters!

MissThang said...

LOVE Gilmore GIrls, also :)

Super cute sweaters!