Monday, October 13, 2008

Life as a Blonde

I am such a ditz.

At work today, I got an email from what I thought was a client, asking if we could reschedule our 630 appointment for Thursday. I looked on the schedule for Thurs, and saw a client was coming in then. I wrote back asking when she wanted to reschedule for. She said "Thursday at 630?" I was all confused then. Wrote back and asked her when her initial appointment was for.

Fast forward to after work. Head to my massage appointment, in Monroe, which is at 630. Get there, and it suddenly dawns on me, that it was my massage therapist writing me to reschedule. Leave there, after finding nobody there, and decide to be productive and head to the grocery store. Picked up a few things we needed, and headed home for the night.

Wow, I am way too blonde sometimes.

The kitties drank all the milk I left today while we were working, but did not eat all the food. I bought some kitten food at Petsmart for them, and some milk at Kroger's. Again, Lori is a sap. Ha.

So, a friend of mine had a Silpada jewelry party the other night, and she just raves about their stuff. It started at 5, during the work week, so of course, I could not make it. I can't even leave the office most of the time until after 5. Anyway, I placed an order from the online catalog. I bought two rings and a necklace. The good thing about this stuff is that if I don't like it, I can send it back since I did not get the chance to see it at the party. She is having another party in January, which I invited Rebecca too, but she does not know if we will be friends then and can't commit to going with me, even though it's only 1.9 miles from her house. Just kidding, Rebecca! :). Anyway, here are pics of what I got.

I found out today a friend of mine is possibly going to be getting divorced, and I feel really sad for her. I really thought she had a great marriage and had a friendship and a marriage, which is so kewl, but I guess things are not working out, for whatever reason. Anyway, I am sending good vibes this person's way, she knows who she is......


Rebecca said...

Is this the massage therapist that keeps canceling on you? If so, you just need to come see me on the weekends :)

.................Nancy said...

I like the orange lifesaver necklace!! ok I'm too hungry... lol

AmberDenae said...

Blondes rock!! haha I can relate to your "blonde moment". Hey, at least we have an excuse...sorta ?

I love the jewelry!

Rain said...

I went to a jewerly party monday too! It was at seven. I'm poor. :-( But my roommate signed us up to host one, so I'll buy some stuff then. :-D

MissThang said...

Ha...I have blonde moments, too...but I'm brunette ;)

Cute jewelry!

Positive thoughts being sent your friends way. I've gone through this all too many times in the past few years with my friends and it's always hard to watch :(