Sunday, October 05, 2008

SNL--The Debate

Oh my. This is classic. And while not exactly what happened, it seriously was how i saw Palin while watching the debate.

I liked the start of it, how Latifah said something like "OK, everyone, as long as Palin doesn't run off the stage crying, etc., we need to call the debate a tie." That's how I felt too. Because everyone expected her to be worse than she was, it somehow made her performance close to that of Biden. Yea, how about no? She was absurd.

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RoseAnn said...

That's awesome! I have got to start taping SNL until the election (and the new Updates show, too)

I especially liked the "whoesy-whatsit" and talent portions of the debate and the reference to a drinking game. ROFL!!

And I thought it was pretty fair in that they got Biden on a few of his quirks too but Palin's are just so easy and laughable.