Thursday, October 02, 2008

Sarah Palin is Annoying

Annoying things Palin did in the debate

1. excessive use of the word "maverick". i told kurt we should have played a drinking game, where we had to do a shot every time she said this. good thing we did not, because we would not be working tomorrow.

2. Not answering, pretty much, a single question. and basically saying she was not going to answer them.

3. sounding like an unintelligent, spoon fed, moron.

4. Obsessively talking about being a hockey/soccer Mom, and about having a special needs child.

5. Smiling at ALL times. So fake. You can talk, without smiling, Palin. You are not going to win solely on being pretty. Biden's teeth are better than yours anyway....

6. immediately picking up her damn baby after the debate. We ALL know about your baby, Sarah. (or IS it her baby? I still think it's her daugher's and a cover up). You don't need to prove you can hold the baby and comfort it at every outing.

7. Oh, and as Rach was saying to me, *thinking* she actually has a sense of humor. Yea, how about no. Obnoxious.

8. OHHHHH, and not knowing how to use the letter "g". Every word was "gonna", etc. and "darn good" and umm, I want to vomit.

I am sure there is much more, but wow, it was horrible. Biden is soo well spoken and informed, and she basically knows nothing. Everything she said, you could totally tell she was "trained" to state, as she did not answer any questions and would just go off on a tangent, talking about a bunch of BS. I liked how when Biden spoke first, she would just JUMP on what he said and use it to try and sound smart.

I really can't believe that there is ANYONE out there that thought she did well. I quite enjoyed her shaking and stuttering at the start. Not the convention anymore, eh, Palin?

Long day at the office today. We worked pretty late, but got a lot done, which was nice. Started to play with the GPS more on the way to and from work. So kewl. I hooked my phone up to it, via this Bluetooth techology and it's sooo kewl. I can talk to people, thru the phone, hands free. Very kewl. I called my Mom just to try it out. Works great. Need to play around with the volume some, but so far, works well.

Remember that pair of shoes from a while back that I could not fine online or in stores at all? Well, found them online tonight for a ton off. Had to place the order. Hopefully, they live up to my expectations. :).

Off to bed.


Jennifer said...

And seriously, Palin using the word "ya" instead of "you" drove me crazy! Be professional and show how you'd represent the US, for Pete's sake. Biden did a fabulous job. Heck, he answered the questions, which is job one in a debate!

Anonymous said...

I was equally shocked at the GOOD reviews that Palin was getting post-debate. I think Biden did well - but not stellar. He didn't blow me away, but he didn't suck as bad as Palin. Perhaps the expectations for her were so low, people were just happy she stayed up on her ankle.

I'm still voting Obama/Biden.. but I don't think this debate swayed anyone in either direction.

colfin2002 said...

I couldn't stomach it so I only watched bits and pieces. I can't stand her poor use of English with "ya" and "gonna". She makes me gag.

And I can't believe that McCain is conceding MI. That is gutless. (Not that I am voting for him anyway but what kind of candidate doesn't even make an effort?) And what's funny is that his conceding is all over the news and a woman I saw last night that is a BIG Obama supporter insists that it's not true...

Mindy said...

Huh. I guess it's different perspectives. Although I don't think she won (not by a longshot) - I don't think she was bad, at all. And I'm sure the Republicans? The ones who were concerned about how she would do? They thought she rocked. In fact, I know they did, because I got texts and emails from a bunch of them about how good "their girl" did.

AmberDenae said...

Yeah, different perspectives for sure.

I thought she did great. She represents the, the regulars, the middle class, the one trying to make it.

Her grammar is hardly tainted. It's her accent and while I live in the south and we say, "ya'll" and "gonna" as I know MANY, MANY other intelligent people use. Not that I'm like getting all wired about word usage. I think that, that is what makes her so great and why so many people like her! She represents us and she is relational.

I am well aware that we have COMPLETELY different views and opinions. However, I find your blog to be interesting as I am eager to hear takes from all sides. I'm not inclusive, I am firm in my beliefs but open to hearing opinions in which I love to do.

You're a great blogger and I hope you don't mind my reading and probably annoying comments (as I imagine that they annoy you..haha)

Lori H said...

She lives in a $400000.00+ dollar home in Alaska and makes a HUGE salary. She hardly represents the middle class. Simply saying so does not make it true. Her way of approaching things is simply the Repubs way of trying to get some of the blue collar vote, which normally swings the Democrat way, because the Democrats simply have a history of taking care of the middle class, vs the rich. And it's not her "accent" that bugs me. "gonna" is not a proper word. "Going to" would be better. And so on.

And I totally don't mind you reading and comments. Not everyone is going to agree with me, I am very, very to the left and liberal, and I know that. I too, like hearing everyone's take, even if their opinion differs from mine.


Mindy said...

The people that like her, LOVE her casual speaking manner. Her "gonna" doesn't bother me, her "you betcha" makes me smile. To me, she is a cute little puppet on the stage, trying to make what she has been spoon fed to say sound like her own words. I have to admit, while I'm not voting for her - I have the desire to scoop her up and pet her little head.

The thought that I'd like to scoop up the person running for vice-president and pet her on the head is terrifying to me. I normally only have that feeling about small children and cute animals.

Andrea said...

After watching about 10 minutes of the debate I turned to Jim and said "wow..Sarah Palin is annoying."

But in the end, this will never ever ever sway my vote. I can't imagine allowing something so trivial changing my mind. If she wants to say "gonna" but do something significant in the country, she can say "gonna" until she's blue in the face.

Rebecca said...

That would have been the best drinking game ever! We all would have been passed out by 9:30, hahaha.

RoseAnn said...

I thought I'd already commented to this!

Mindy said: "I have to admit, while I'm not voting for her - I have the desire to scoop her up and pet her little head. "

and that's exactly how I feel. She is cute, adorable, all that but I don't think that's what we need in a VP.

I found her very annoying. I only watched part of the debate last night, then another few minutes today but I just can't listen to it for long or it makes me crazy!

MissThang said...

Haha...I'm gonna (hehe) post a blog about our drinking game to the VP debate last night. Needless to say, I woke up with a headache this morning, thanks to Palin ;)

And yeah, her accent & "folk" talk drives me nutso, but I thought she did a decent job (much better than I expected) and Biden was good, too.