Sunday, October 12, 2008

Basket on the Porch

So, I saw a cat in our garage earlier today that was near our garbage can. She looked really skinny, so I put some food in the yard for her. I opened the front door to see if she had eaten, and guess what was on my front porch, huddling together on the ledge? Three tiny kittens. SO FREAKING CUTE. Totally adorable and small. I about died. They ran in separate direction, two within my view near this sculpture thing we have in the courtyard. I sat down near them and tried to get them to let me pet them, but they were super scared. So, Kurt got some milk and more food, and we put it out for them. I feel HORRIBLE though, as winter is approaching and I don't want them to freeze and starve. :(. I hate how I can't help every animal out there. It's also quite strange to me that I have more sympathy towards homeless animals then people.....Anyway, I am going to keep watching and see if they eat the food. I can't let all those cats in my house, but I feel horribly guilty I can't Sigh. Hopefully, they have a home somewhere, but I doubt it. It's not like baby kittens are usually allowed to go roam the neighborhood, if they have a real home. Poor babies.

So, Friday night, Kory and I headed to the homecoming football game for Jefferson at the high school. It was a lot of fun. Kurt has a horrendous cold, so he stayed home to rest and chill out. After the game, Kory and I headed to Kroger and bought Kurt Nyquil. He passed out shortly after taking it, hehe.

Decided on Saturday to head to Birch Run with my Auntie. I have not been there in forever, and I usually find the best deals anywhere there. Anyway, headed to Canton to pick up Auntie, and we headed to Birch Run. Had a nice time walking through the stores with my Aunt, but WOW, Birch Run was kinda annoying. There were a TON of people there, more than I ever remember being there. And so many kids. Kids not being controlled whatsoever by their parents. Ugh. It was total chaos. Lines in the stores too, which I have never encountered there. Did end up buying a couple things--a Halloween costume for Gretel (she is going to be a bat this year), some cute socks, two sweaters and a long sleeve shirt for winter, a pair of work pants, a grease guard for my pans......Nothing ultra exciting. Had dinner afterwards with my Aunt at Bravo Cucina Italiana. I had a Shrimp Fra Diavolo Campanelle, which was super yummy. After that, headed home and went to bed after watching some football with Kurty.

Today, I wanted to just veg after the exhausting day of shopping. Watched two movies, swept the great room, worked out, made dinner. Nothing exciting, which I needed. I watched Confessions of an American Bride, which was actually pretty cute. Also watched The Party Never Stops: Diary of A Binge Drinker, which was pretty good as well. Me watching two movies in a row pretty much never happens, so I felt somewhat nonproductive, but whatever.

Anyway, of course, I am sitting here worrying about the kittens. Sigh. Why do I do this? LOL. Kurt and I keep going and looking out the window to see if they came back, but nothing yet. I hope they are doing OK!


Lisa said...

Ok, I know people think I'm a terrible mom but I hate taking Saige with me shopping. For many reasons. She gets miserable. That makes me not too happy and other shoppers not too happy. I do it days when I don't have her or have someone watch her. Why should be all be miserable?

Jennifer said...

I've just been 'adopted' by another stray cat...this makes two. Luckily the weather in So Cal is mild, so they can stay outside. Wish I could come get the kittens from you, they'd fit right into the gang that's hanging out in my backyard!

Deb said...

after reading the title to this blog i thought you were going to say someone left a BABY on your porch lol glad that's not the case.
As for feeling more towards homeless animals than humans. I am the same. I think it is because, usually, humans can find their way out of being homeless or can at least go somewhere to get food and shelter. But animals are so helpless.

Andrea said...

I with you on those kittens! I would be so worried about them too :(

But then again, I'm sort of obsessed with animals! I hope you can do something for them.

AmberDenae said...

You're so sweet. I hope the kittens are okay and I'm sure they will be back!! I am a total sap when it comes to animals as well. I think my mom may be worse than me though. She grew up on a farm and my grandma kept every stray she came in contact with, nursed it to health and made it a pet! They had a timberwolf, fox, dogs and cats galore, pet skunk, birds etc! So, my mom had that impact on us for animal life. I LOVE kittens as well!

I'm sure they're doing okay :)

Amanda said...

Seconding? Thirding? Fourthing? LOL - we are the same way about animals. We do the best we can for them - this is not the time of year to be a Midwestern Kitten. If you can spare a few bucks, I would see if you can catch them and have them spayed/neutered so there aren't MORE of them. Once you start feeding them, they're yours...maybe outside kitties, but they will come to depend on you. My Dad built a box with blankets and a light to keep outside in the winter - his stray would curl up in it. We did the same for ours in Indiana.
Another thought - if you can catch them as a kittens, they're easier to adopt out...try Petsmart, or a no-kill shelter. The adults are pretty feral, so catch/neuter/release is about all you can do, but if you get the babies early enough, they can be adopted out.

Not that we've ever been through this at all. Nope. :P