Monday, October 06, 2008

Off with Them......

So. Some of you may remember that I am extremely vain, LOL, and went and saw an orthodontist because some of my teeth were moving on my bottom teeth. Anyway, they wanted to do some minor adjustments with actual braces, and then put me in Invisalign. Those *minor* adjustments ended up taking like 8 months, but today, the braces came off. They took impressions for the Invisalign and a temporary retainer. The Invisalign impressions get sent in to Invisalign and made, and the temp retainer was made on the spot for me and I am wearing right now. I have to wear it all the time (except eating and brushing) until the Invisalign comes in in a few weeks. But, WOW. My teeth on the bottom are already super straight. Love how they come out, except, my being vain is making it so I go through with the Invisalign as well. hehe.

I had sushi for lunch, and was wondering if I had rice in my braces, and then I remembered that I don't have them anymore, LOL. It must take a while to get over that feeling.


.................Nancy said...

I had no idea you had braces!!

Rebecca said...

Copycat, I get my braces off then you have yours taken off :-P

I'm already used to my retainer, 4 days later. But I loved being able to eat brownies and not worry about little pieces of chocolate getting stuck across my teeth!

MissThang said...

W00t W00t!!

Love my Invisalign (I still wear them, or my retainers...whichever are closer to me after brushing my teeth at night) to bed.

Amanda said...


I'm going to have my veneers redone on my front teeth to even them out. Your smile is the first thing people (clients?) see...nothing wrong with making it your best. :)

Now - how about those hair pics, missy???

AmberDenae said...

Oh how exciting!! I am the EXACT same way about my teeth! My teeth are generally straight but any little bit of adjustment I notice immediately! I also used to have these little chips in my front teeth that were hardly noticable from nail biting (which I do not do anymore, thank God!) and I was so self concious about it! My dentist fixed them and now I am so scared to bite anything with my front teeth, haha. I guess you could say I'm vain as well! Congrats, thats awesome.

Sushi...mmmm my fav!