Saturday, October 25, 2008

Sleeping In

So, I have not posted in forever and suppose I should before I start forgetting everything in my life that has happened. The issue? Not much is going on, LOL.

Work has been keeping me pretty busy, and exhausting me. Example. Last night, we got home and were chilling on the chaises, watching some TV, per usual. I fell asleep at 745 p.m. and did not wake up until 1:00 a.m. when Kurt woke me up to go to bed. Slept until 9:15 a.m. I am thinking I must have needed some sleep? I guess so!

Got up and emailed my Aunt to see if she would be around today. I needed to run to Sam's Club, and there is one near her house, and since she does not have a membership, she likes to go with me. So, I showered and headed to Canton. Picked her up and we headed to Sam's Club, then lunch at Macaroni Grill. Then stopped at Trader Joe's, and Bed Bath and Beyond. Also, stopped at my Grama's to drop off some things and say hi. On the way home, coupon in hand from my aunt, I stopped at Bed Bath and Beyond to buy the deep fryer I finally decided on. I researched them, in depth, and finally picked one that I thought had a good mix of quality, will be easy to care for, and has this special rotating basket which allows you to fry, but not soak the product in oil as much as other fryers. The store did not have the fryer in stock, so they ordered it and are having it sent to my house. I will be psyched to use it, instead of a fry pan and oil, to make Kurt french fries and the like. Yay for kitchen stuff! I am so sad how much effort I put into finding the perfect product, LOL. Stopped at Petsmart after that and picked up some cat food and a toy for the puggies.

Had our first board meeting this week with the new superintendent. It went really well, and was a quick meeting, which rocks. The transition seems to be going really smoothly and I am really pleased with our pick for the job thus far.

Weirdly, nothing else to post about. Sorry about the boring post, but it's all I got for now! :).


Rachael said...

i do the same thing before purchasing things. i drive myself crazy with it!

Andrea said...

I guess you could call me a little research possessed myself when it comes to purchasing things! Whenever I hear about a new item that I want, I imediatley log onto Amazon to see its reviews.

Nothing wrong with that :)

Jennifer said...

Glad you posted!

I put the most effort into researching things that cost the most money -- trips, cars, etc...but I've been wanting a waffle iron for months and haven't found the 'right' one yet, so maybe that statement isn't exactly true! Got my second pair of Indi jeans and love them as much as the first :)