Monday, January 11, 2010

Africa--Uganda Update

Who wants Lori to finally get done with all her Africa pics? Me! I have been SUPER SLOW at this, but am still chugging away. I am doing them in groups--separating them out by park, island, area of the country, because there are a lot of pics and I have had such limited time lately. Also, my computer is acting weird in relation to uploading pics, so it has been hard to upload them.

Anyway, I have a couple albums ready for everyone. I am going to link to my facebook albums, since I have not yet had time to make a Flickr slideshow and am not done with them all yet. So far, I have done Ngamba Island, Bwindi, and Lake Mburo National Park.

Click here to see Lake Mburo

Click here to see Ngamba Island

Click here to see Bwindi

I am working on a trip report and the rest of my million pics. OK, maybe not a million, but more than any trip to date!

Off to bed......

3 comments: said...

Thank for your views of a younger man, I coached soccer at the Long Trail School in Vermont. One of my players, Teep, was from Uganda. Teep had played for the Jr. National Team in his country and was the most powerful player I ever coached. His older brother, John, was in Parliament and Teep felt the education he was receiving while playing for the National Team was less then he wanted. Hence his journey to the USA in pursuit of a degree in engineering. Thanks for helping me picture Teep's country.
With all best wishes,

Lori H said...

How kewl! :). I will be posting more pics soon!

Anonymous said...

That is amazing! Great job Lori!