Saturday, January 02, 2010

Thoughts by Lori


I think that is really the only word that comes to mind when trying to define how my life has been since just before noon on Christmas.

It still has not sunk in that I almost died on Christmas Day. There was a terrorist on my plane. With a bomb. Who tried to blow our entire plane up, and harm those on the ground below. And, I am still in shock.

Seeing smoke in our cabin, seeing flames going up the wall of the plane.......Finally seeing that A TERRORIST did this, and was not a weird plane electrical problem or something........

Being on the plane, while this happened, was one of the most helpless feelings of my life. There is no place to go. Nothing you can do. When you are at 20000 feet, you can't just jump out of the plane. You are stuck. It is the one and only time in my life I have been sure I was going to die. And for some reason, I kept thinking about my Mom, and tears were coming to my eyes because I thought I might never talk to her again.

It's even worse when you have a husband who is also scared flying, and now all of his worst fears are coming true, right in FRONT of him to witness.

We were in Row 27 H and J. "He" was in Row 19A. Only 8 rows away, across the plane. In clear view. On one hand, I wish I did not have to witness it, because it will be branded in my brain forever. On the other hand, if I had not been able to witness it, the "unknown" may have stressed me out even more.

I, opposite of Kurt, have always been a great flyer. Scared of nothing. Until now. Which is completely, and totally, unfair. But, it is what it is.

What is really unfair about this situation is some things I have been reading online about Kurt, or rather about both of us at times. Kurt wants nothing but a full investigation to be done into this. He saw things that nobody else is claiming to see, and wants to feel safe flying again. And people on message boards, comments on news articles, they are CRITICIZING him. Trying to say that we are using this to promote business, for our future political runs, or whatever. All of which are ridiculous. Those that "know" Kurt and I in "real" life know we are extremely private people, who spend a lot of time at home and have no desire, in any way, to be in the limelight. I keep this blog to update friends and family on my life, since I so rarely get to see them. My office is the busiest I know of in our area, and we do not need more business and would never use something as tragic as this to promote our business--that's sick. And, since both of us HATE politics and refuse to even associate with a political party any longer, that claim is the most laughable.

What's funny is, I almost just died, and instead of sympathy, some out there are sooooo negative. I am guessing the negative people would not want to relive that day in my shoes, but people are always out there questioning others and wanting to doubt.

Anyway, when I have time and energy (this has all been really draining), I plan on posting more about what happened in our experience, as well as all the details from my Uganda trip, which was amazing.

I thank everyone in the public supporting us for doing so. the emails and calls we have gotten from complete strangers has been just heartwarming and eyeopening, and really make me proud to be an American. And to all my friends and family, thanks for being there and supporting us, and believing us, like you always have. I am truly blessed to still be alive to write this email, and to have the support system I do in my life.

Happy New Year, everyone, and safe travels.


Terry said...

All I can say is I love you Lori and can't imagine not talking to you everyday. You are an amazing daughter and friend and can not imagine you not in my life. I am so proud of you and love you more than my life!

Lori H said...

Thanks for making me cry again, mom! :). Love you too.

Anonymous said...

Here's another fan mail from a stranger. Suddenly you've been launched into life as Whistleblowers. Not exactly like life was in that yummy photo of the 2 of you on your page. Anyway, this stranger, an expat American, congratulates you for sticking to the truth, and being willing to stand up to those who would have you stand down. This is what's needed to bring America back to "of the people, by the people, for the people." Blessings. aj said...

Beautiful post are doing some deep work...I also have something to say about Kurt's post which would be more appropriate there than here...but there is no comment space there...
Bo Taylor: Is there anyway to check into Bo's background? Was he on the flight? Does he have a phone number and a address, etc. Before I can accept the story that he gave Kurt, I need to some things that would allow me to think of him as the real deal...if he hasn't contacted the press, then basic cross checks that confirm a story may not have happened...because his information is so important to the big story, cross checks are important to make before including it in what we think "is"

Mike S said...


It is vital that you stay off the REALITY SHACK forum because these people are obviously Cointelpro.
Here is what a Cointelpro is.

I hope that you and Kurt heal a bit each and everyday after this ordeal. But please do yourself a
service and stay away from any
forums that bash away and are only
into defamation of character which is what these people are all about
and they are everywhere so please be careful. You don't need to prove to anyone that you are real and that you and Kurt are telling the truths.We, the truth movement
know for a fact that the FBI have
lied and are known to change their stories all the time in situations like this. Regards, Mike

Nick said...

The UK paper Daily Mail published this article.

There are two pictures at the top, each claiming that it is the suspect. Yet it is easy to prove that they are of different people. It would be useful if you could comment on your blog as to which one is more likely to be correct. The one on the left appears to be younger and accords more with your description. The one on the right looks closer to the true age of the suspect, said to be 23. That (second) likeness also accords with pictures of the younger Farouk Muttalab that have been published.

Getting interesting - keep up the pressure.

babylonia said...

Dear Lori,

I just read your comment.
Be proud of yourself and your husband.
Are you aware that the entire world of investigating citizens is basing the analyses of the False Flag attemp you have been victim of, on your husbands witness statement?

I am so glad you survived..
It is of utmost importance that you spoke the truth.

3000 people died on 9/11 2001 which was also a false flag state sponsored attack on us citizens.

You might have a hard landing... I no doubt it.

People that harras you are being paid for that. You are "disturbing" for those in power! On the internet more than 3000 people are "watching with the eyes of the state sponsored terrorists." They are paid for it.
Paid for dicrediting you !

I am a 911 truther from Europe asking for a new investigation and supporter of Richard Gage, David Ray Griffin, The Jersey Girls, PLease inform yourself if you donot know about it.
You escaped. They didnot...

We have to stop these evil people because they carry on with their killing, us citizens.

It is about having a pretext to make war... They need to have people in fear to manipulate them.

Did you ever hear about a false flag operation called OPeration Northwood ? It has been stopped and the documents for preparing it are on the internet en genuine...
False Flags exist. They are an instrument of war.

If you keep telling the truth we can make peace together.

You have millions of supporters all over the world!

Just wanted to let you know that you are not alone and that we support you and your husband from Holland and Belgium with hundreds of people from different citizens in action groups!

This is a message for you
no need for publishing
Love from Europe
Valentine Julien

Rebecca said...

Hugs! I hope life calms down for you guys soon and things can start to resume some sense of normalcy (or what is normal for you, being busy with crazy clients instead of crazy bombers :)

Katie said...

*hugs* Lori.
Your friends all believe you, and all support you. Of all the people in the world, you and Kurt are the least likely to have some sort of "agenda" ... I am so very glad that you guys are safe, and are telling your story. I believe you guys more than I'd ever believe any newspaper or official release.

Anonymous said...

Lori even if you had have died
that day

you would only be asleep



and he died for you

so that you would have ETERNAL LIFE

if a man believes in me

even though he were dead

yet shall he live again
for I will raise him up
on the last day

JESUS IS GOD the churches
lie to the sheeple

just like 9 11 was a inside job
and the government lied to the

Nicole said...


I am happy to still have you here. I cannot imagine a day without some form of communication with you. Either it's a post on Facebook or a comment you've made to way or another I hear/see you. Don't listen to those negative people! And I can't wait to see your Uganda photos! Focus on the wonderful vacation you had before all this happpened!

The End said...

Lori and Kurt, please check this out...

ANOTHER BURIED CHRISTMAS DAY ARREST UNCOVERED: Same Route, Same Airline, Same Day, Different Flight

On the day of the Flight 253 incident, reporter Michael Rosenfield of WXYZ in Detroit appeared live on CNN during the evening news and reported that, earlier that day, another passenger was arrested on a different flight from Amsterdam to Detroit. Same route, same airline, same day. This report appears to have been corroborated by a woman who was apparently a passenger on that flight; an interview which was even played at least once on CNN on December 25. However, the media subsequently blended this separate incident with the widely-reported “failed bombing” incident. Hence, the many media reports of Mutallab “screaming about Afghanistan” despite the fact that the witnesses actually describe him as being amazingly calm and totally silent. The End Run deconstructs this apparent, suspicious, and convenient misreporting.

Read full article here:

Anonymous said...

Peace to you and your family.

Brittany said...


I am so glad that you & Kurt are safe! I also think it's amazing that you guys are getting the word out about what happened on the plane that day is amazing. No one should be criticizing you at all. And like Katie said, all of your friends and family believe you & support you.

Anonymous said...

I am amazed at your bravery Lori, the people deserve the truth rather than distortions and lies. Please do not focus on the negative spewed out by the (ignorant) minority, and no doubt the (gov't) cyber trolls out to discredit you online...

I have been following this story through, prisonplanet (forum as well), infowars, ronpaulforums, lew rockwell, campaign for liberty, and other links I would like to share w/you and your family/friends.

Here is an enlightening investigative article by Norman Grigg that mentions Kurt and gives some really good background history/info. that I thought you might enjoy -

And here is a whopper Lori- Do you recognize her?

ANOTHER BURIED CHRISTMAS DAY ARREST UNCOVERED: Same Route, Same Airline, Same Day, Different Flight

Please surround yourself with good, critically thought out information, rather than dwell on statist propaganda out to discredit anyone who asks questions. You are an astonishingly strong and brave women and will serve to be a role model for many.

I see a lot of misconceptions about who is to blame- a lot of Obama bashing, and then still people who blame it all on Bush.

Until more and more people understand that there is no left or right, only top and bottom, and until the people understand that there is no shade of gray when it comes to the truth, then we will continue the same insane cyclic behavior of pointing the finger at each other rather than looking to those in power positions demanding the truth.

I read about the Husingia (sp) account and watched the video a few days ago, but see that Kurt had just found it. Good place for current (non propaganda) discussion and info can be found at the sites I wrote above. Keep your ears to the ground y'all. It'll come out fast, then seem to disappear.

There are a LOT of people out here rooting for you and Kurt,and the TRUTH, Lori. Stick to your guns. I truly believe that you two would be in even more danger today, had you both not gone so public with your information. A lot of people do not understand this.

Keep your chin up.

Amanda said...

I'm proud of your both for being so public about your experience. The key is that you're out there speaking about what you believe happened, how you believe things should be handled. It's the same personality that has gotten you a successful firm, a successful marriage, and that school board position whose cause you so believe in.

Be strong, be true. I'm (still) so sorry you guys went through this, and I'm glad you're still here. ;)

Markus Allen said...

Lori... can you confirm the findings at this blog:

Markus Allen said...

Lori... can you confirm the findings at this blog:

carlos said...

Kurt and Lori,
Thank you so much for your bravery. Hearing Kurt's testimony on Alex was just amazing. It confirms in a lot of ways what you don't want to believe(for one, that the media doesn't report the real news, but what they want you to hear)but you know them to be true. It's amazing how critical footage always disappears- i.e. 9/11 pentagon, London bombings, OKC, now this. This is truly paranormal. They should have those guys from that paranormal show investigate these-- hauntings.

Seriously, though, God bless you and your family, and a belated Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. You guys are true Americans and are being heard.

Anonymous said...

Hi! I'm glad that you two are safely on the ground. I'm also very glad that you both have had the courage to tell your story. Keep up the good work - there is truth and goodness still left in the world and the fact that you two are being so brave with the truth gives the rest of us hope! Thanks so much! Stay strong!

Anonymous said...

Who the fuck cares what a bimbo has to say?

Lori H said...

Apparently, you do, since you are on my blog and posting responses......Also, if you are going to say things like that to people, you should post your name and not hide behind "anonymous". Happy New Year!

robert said...

You and your husband are going to learn much from this experience--things of which you might prefer to be ignorant. Truly, there is no bottom to the corruption of "democratic" officialdom. I learned this from long-term employment in the Canadian House of Commons. Over time, most people come to understand something of this corruption, but their salary (and, for those who perceive themselves as insiders, assorted perks) buys their silence and cooperation. They persuade themselves that they can serve more than one master, disregarding Jesus's warning that this is impossible. Good luck to you. You have many supporters, everywhere in the world. Those who are trying to bring you down are degenerates unworthy of your attention.

Anonymous said...

Lori & Kurt - my how life has changed for the two of you. I can't imagine how difficult it is to cope while also trying to make sense of it all. The good news is your parents obviously raised the two of you well, which means with time this too shall pass and you will be stronger people for it.

And just a tip, play with your dogs a lot. They have a magical way of keeping your feet firmly planted on the ground.

Many blessings and lots of prayers,

waylon360 said...

Heard your story on the Alex Jones show, keep your head up and like Alex said, don't waste time giving attention to operatives that attempt to discredit you. "Great spirits have always encountered violent opposition from mediocre minds" Albert Einstein said...

Detroit News blew facts on "Beau Taylor" see at
Bruce said...

I did have an exchange with Beau James Taylor. He left a comment that appeared to have come from Fort Lee, NJ and left a strange link that showed a google report I've never seen before. Everything on the net about "Haskell Beau jan 5 253" came up. When I tried to post the report, blogger denied access. The link got through in an unedited post. My sense is that Beau is linked to government Dept of Defense or Intelligence...his comment to me and the article on mlive suggest this and with a bit of digging I believe would clearly demonstate him as a government source...any way, the over arching concern is that everyone, you Beau and others, lived through the crime and that's the most important thing... please visit my site , I want the information there in lots of people experience for my own safety...thanks and thanks for your integrity...if it weren't for that the government would have no problems with the stories they have put forward....Bruce

Anonymous said...

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Dan Huck said...

Thanks for being 'stand up' citizens! I left this comment on youtube as well: "Mr. Haskell is extremely credible. If this were an Al Queda 'pants on fire'attempt, and if the the shoe bomber, whose shoe wouldn't explode was also, I would almost prefer to think Osama Bin Laden wanted to scare us, but not kill us, as opposed to the idea the incidents were part of a cynical attempt to heighten our fear of 'terrorism' so as to continue our war, but especially to sell body scanners, increase Mr. Chertoff's profits, as well as those of the security company owned by an Israeli, which also provided the sec'y for 9/11.

Anonymous said...

The wealth of the mind is the only wealth.


Anonymous said...

Jet Blue must of been a full moon.
Look up the ship that hit a wave and bent, 90 foot wave from calm sea? That same day all records for plate shifting etc was lost. All over the world.