Monday, January 04, 2010


By Kurt Haskell:

On December 27, 2009, two days after my wife, Lori, and I were innocent victims of Flight 253, our wonderful Secretary of Homeland Security, Janet Napolitano came out and had the following response to our flight, "the system worked". At a time when many of the flight 253 passengers were very emotionally disturbed due to the terrorist attack on our flight on Christmas Day, Janet Napolitano comes out with this sucker punch to the gut of all of the flight 253 passengers. Oh Janet what are we to do with you?

The system worked only due to a dysfunctional bomb and some heroic passengers on flight 253. Janet, please explain how did the system work?

Yesterday, January 3, 2009, Janet "clarified" her statement through White House aid John Brennan, who appeared on Meet The Press and other television programs. John Brennan now explained that Janet Napolitano was misquoted and actually meant that the system worked "after the plane landed". Seriously Janet, I know that you are trying to save your job, but quit playing the American public for fools.

Let's see if we can clear up how the system worked after we landed.

1. Instead of having an emergency evacuation of the plane, no passengers were let off of flight 253 for appr. 20 minutes after we landed. At this time, nobody knew if any accomplices or further bombs were on board the plane. Instead, the FBI was more concerned with taking the handcuffed terrorist off the plane, before dealing with us. Let's save the TERRORIST from another possible bomb on the plane, SCREW the passengers and crew.

2. The passengers were allowed to leave the plane with their carry on bags, possibly destroying a valuable crime scene (the plane).

3. The passengers were allowed to take their carry on bags into the terminal and the passengers were grouped together for appr. one hour until bomb sniffing dogs arrived. At anytime, a bomb could have exploded from any carry on bag and destroyed the entire terminal.

4. Something was apparently discovered in a carry on bag when a "bomb sniffing" dog detected it in the carry on bag of "the man in orange". He was then questioned and taken away in handcuffs. We were then moved for our safety.

5. For quite some time after we entered the terminal, the officers watching over us had no idea that a bomb was even on our plane, and therefore, had no idea to watch closely for a second bomb.

6. A man videotaped the entire terrorist attack on board the plane, and even though authorities were told in customs the 4 possible seats the "camera man" was in, they took no action to secure the video, and to my knowledge never obtained the video (which could have contained significant evidence).

Thanks Janet for the follow up insulting comment. It's always nice to receive a second sucker punch to the gut a few days after you just received one. Janet, PLEASE STOP VICTIMIZING THE FLIGHT 253 PASSENGERS!

Janet, I'm sure you will soon be joining many of my fellow Mchigan residents in the unemployment line.

Ten days since the terrorist attack and we still don't have the Amsterdam Airport Video. The wait continues........................