Tuesday, January 05, 2010


By Kurt Haskell

Over the past week, Lori and I have been expecting an announcement by authorities that they have reviewed the Amsterdam airport security footage and found nothing. Well, today we got that announcement.


We never once thought that we would see an accurate unedited version of the 2-3 minute clip of the terrorist with the "sharp dressed man". Even though Dutch officials have had the video for 11 days, it apparently took them that long to review the 2-3 minute clip. According to Dutch authorities, they have reviewed 200 hours of video. Why? What video is so lenghty? Sure sounds like Dutch authorities are doing a thorough investigation , or maybe they want the public to think that they are doing a thorough investigation. Seriously, I cannot believe that 200 hours of video exists. Of course, it was too much work to show the 2-3 minute clip to the flight 253 passengers and the rest of the world. Apparently, it is much easier to say nothing was on the video then to attempt to disprove my story. I guess another possibility is that the Dutch authorities just need more time to edit out the relevant portion of the video. LOL.

Over and over again the American public is being spoon fed conclusions by the Federal government and then spoon fed "The Fix to the Problem". At what point is the government going to give the American citizens proof that supports their ultimate conclusion(s)? I am beginning to think never. Please don't forget that the authorities work for the American people, not the other way around. The American public is getting pretty tired of hearing conclusions wihtout proof. This sort of behavior by the federal government breeds a very strong distrust from the American people. I fear a storm is brewing unless we see substantial change in the near future.

Very curious that an article of mine regarding flight 253 was removed from the Drudgereport not once, but twice this week. What is going on?

A good look at the unedited security video would make me feel a lot better, but the government apparently has more important things to do.