Friday, January 08, 2010

Government Control

So, someone emailed me today that Dateline's Chris Hansen was on a local radio show, and when one of the DJs asked him about the man who may have helped AM onto the plane, "Hansen brushed it off and said that this was just unfounded rumors that have been dispelled as myth."

This is perplexing to me. Two reps from Dateline came to our office the Monday following the incident and met him Kurt for some time. The reps told Kurt they were VERY interested in the story, and were going to pitch doing an episode on what Kurt and I saw in order to get it out there and get the public to want it looked into. They have called since, and emailed me, saying that they were still pitching the story, etc. I believe the two Kurt met with were VERY sincere.

Enter the Dateline Special on Sunday night! The one Kurt and I were not talked to for, and the one that they are interviewing passengers of interest for. How can what Kurt saw not be of interest on a special like this? Makes me wonder if the government is somehow controlling what stations and reporters can talk about this. Why do a lot of bigger media outlets seem scared of possibly finding out the truth? You would think a "good" reporter would want to look at all aspects of a story, instead of simply dismissing someone's claim without looking into it further.

Anyway, this as well as other things that have happened since really make me wonder about how much government is controlling different aspects of everyone's life......


Human said...

Peace to all.
Ever heard of Operation Mockingbird?
This dismissal by Hansen is reminiscent of the 6 Anti War protests I have participated in. Over the years people have said, where are all the protesters? And when I tell them of the 100's of thousands of people I've marched with they don't believe it. Because it wasn't reported by the Mockingbirds.

Years ago the TV was referred to as the Boob Tube. It should be still.

Here is a clip wherein you can see a report from the "Gulf War" on a CNN broadcast. The scene and the report are obviously staged. Including the sounds of "bombs".

Please see - CNN Fake Newscast Best Quality

For those interested in discovering how America the land of the Lemmings came to be I recommend starting by watching
"Century of Self".


Nick said...

You may be interested in this alleged photocopy of AM's passport that I came across here:

It looks genuine and, if so, the person in the photograph should now look a little older than he is shown. Even that likeness does not seem to correspond with Kurt's impression of a teenager, and does not quite match up with the other pictures of MA that have appeared in the media. We have seen no official mug-shots of the suspect, so it is very difficult to know if the person appearing in court is the same as the one in the passport photo. It will be much easier to carry out a facial comparison when someone manages to obtain a true likeness of the person in custody
The problem in all of this is that there is no proof that the person on the plane was the genuine article. Most people are assuming that it was MA but much more information needs to be produced to establish that fact beyond all doubt. My impression is that the person on the plane was a substitute, based on a BBC description of the person in court being short. Unfortunately, his passport does not state his height but, based on a consideration of his school group photos, I would have expected him to have been quite tall by now, and certainly no lightweight.

Nick said...

Came across this message board that is running a thread on the AM story.

In this world of smoke and mirrors, it is difficult to know what is genuine and what is not. Having read items on it on a number of occasions, I have sometimes had the impression that it may itself be part of the disinfo setup. On the forth page, Kurt comes under suspicion as a planted diversion to confuse investigators. In your favour is the failure of the authorities to produce the Schiphol security camera footage. I don't buy the idea that the whole incident was staged to promote the installation of body scanners, the purpose of which is to stem the importation of illicit drugs with the resultant loss of revenue to the security organisations. This is not aimed at drugs, it is aimed at people themselves. Anyway, as I have said, and if you ignore all the colourful language, the questioning of your veracity begins about halfway down on Page 4.

Anonymous said...

I really do support your quest for the truth and the confirmation of your claims - one way or the other - based on real evidence. So to that end, I was worried to see the title of this post, which deviates from your original principled policy of not drawing conclusions, as I think it does not serve your purpose, whether or not it may proven to be true.

I salute your courage and thank you for it!

Anonymous said...

I've never met you, the Haskells, and all I know about you is what I've read on the Internet.

And yet, I feel compelled to write to you here and say that I believe you. Please continue speaking the truth as you know it and seeking more of the truth. I know it's unpleasant, to say the least, to have people trashing you in the media.

"Human" above is right about Operation Mockingbird, which anyone can read about on wikipedia. In fact, the CIA has planted many stories in the media and has prevented many other stories from being published. It only gets worse. CIA assets and "friends" are in all major media companies.

When the government withholds video or releases edited video, you know a cover-up is in progress. The major media routinely cooperate with the cover-ups. Only from some brave and independent journalists and websites do we get any real truth about crimes by our government. I know, the Haskells are not saying the government is committing a crime here. I am.

Real name: James Laffrey