Sunday, January 03, 2010

Flip side of intelligence failure -- poor response

Click here to read an interesting article by a reporter we really enjoy, Christine Negroni

Ms. Negroni has been very nice to us through all of this, and has done a lot of research into Flight 253 and the aftermath. Thanks again, Christine.


u2r2h said...

0 Tell me Whatcha Think?

Ok, I do.

I think that SOME terror is done by CIA/MOSSAD/Mi6 or private BlackOps... what would I know.

I DO know that the terror is so WAY WAY convenient to the powers.

I DO know that MANY COVERT OPERATIONS in history have been such FLASE FLAG (see wikipedia) operaitons, notably operation GLADIO (see wikipedia) in Italy - and COUNTLESS OTHERS in MOST COUNTRIES.

I know (well, strongly suspect) that Sirhan Sirhan was a manchurian candidate.

I have read the internet postings of the underpants bomber. He opened his soul and was certainly VERY impressionable. An ideal subject.

In short.... while 99.99% of US americans are "the salt of the earth" .. those who practise the black arts -- (spooks, military and blackwater special "groups") -- have some awesome means. Just check the CIA history and the huge expense and manpower they had to achieve truely evil aims. Then make that TIMES TEN for 2010.

Ten Times more secret, too. They have worked hard on the safety-precautiuons regarding non-disclosure, too.

All the best, Lori. All the best luck in the world for your family's future in the USA. I myself rather live in Europe where the trade-balance is positive. The USA has to borrow 2 billion dollars a day to pay for goods. Wikipedia RANKING TRADE BALANCE and you find: USA=minus600, UK=Minus 150.

How long before USA pays up?

More war is the answer?

Anonymous said...

I'm tired of terrorists. MOAR Bugsy pics plz.

Anonymous said...


It seems there is one common denominator to what has happened, no real investigation is taking place.

I really think the next days for you are critical. You are being distracted by the talk of the Man in Orange and the obvious negligence after landing. Keep that a part of the dialog, but not the primary focus. You will have no problem crushing them on the negligence. The security tapes should be your focus right now.

You need to put pressure on them by calling the investigators everyday as a concerned citizen and attempted murder victim who is worried that the person who tried to kill you and hundreds others may of had an accomplice, and that you want to help them.

It is your DUTY to the President of the United States who has said, "And all those involved in the attempted act of terrorism on Christmas must know -- you too will be held to account."

You MUST be allowed to identify anyone possibly "involved" on those security tapes at the President's direct request.

Be persistent, report their responses. Ignoring a decree by the president is not a favorable position to be in. Let them paint themselves into a corner, and do not let the paint dry.

As you have noted before, they could prove you wrong in an instant. But they haven't. It has been too long to think they can.

Good luck, wishing you and Lori all the best!

waylon360 said...

Heard your story on the Alex Jones show, keep your head up and like Alex said, don't waste time giving attention to operatives that attempt to discredit you. "Great spirits have always encountered violent opposition from mediocre minds" Albert Einstein

Anonymous said...

I find it humorous that you so proudly voted for this bunch to control everything and then are surprised that they are lying.

But, hey we made history when we elected him, so that is all that matters. Right?

Lori H said...

My politics, Anonymous, have nothing to do with this. I almost died in an airplane, and I want it looked into, no matter WHO is in office. I actually do not associate with any political party at all (which you can see in my sidebar over there).

Hope you can have a positive new year.

Anonymous said...

Hey Kurt and Lori,

It's me again, the one who posted about keeping the focus on the security tapes.

I just wanted to point out something. I see in the UPI News this tidbit today:

"But Beau Taylor of Jackson, Mich., an international development consultant who was also aboard aboard the flight, says fellow passenger Kurt Haskell may have mistaken a young Sudanese refugee on the flight for the accused bomber, The Detroit News reported Tuesday.

Taylor told the News Haskell may have mistaken the Sudanese minor he saw at the gate and on the plane for Abdulmutallab. Taylor added the well-dressed man was probably an airline employee and the minor may have actually been a Sudanese refugee without a passport."

Well, that's crap. Your good friend Ron Smith already disproved that theory. Read page two of this story the Desert News posted on Dec 29:

"Only U.S. citizens can board international flights to the United States without passports — but only after the air carrier otherwise confirms their identity and citizenship, said Chief Ron Smith, spokesman for U.S. Customs and Border Patrol in Detroit.

Smith added that a refugee trying to fly to the United States from another country would also have to have proof of an application for asylum or refugee status, proof of citizenship and identifying documents before the plane could take off.

Smith said that, had there been a Sudanese refugee on the plane, "We would be aware of it.""

You can thank Mr. Smith for pointing out that there were no refugees on the plane. I also doubt that an airline employee dealing with refugees would dress like he was rich, right down to the shoes. But that's my opinion.

Human said...

Peace to you and yours Mr. and Mrs. Haskell. As the articles above do not have a comment button, be assured that I read the above to Jan 5th.
Thank you both so much for not backing down. You 2 are obviously very intelligent people who have a sense of what a real American should act like.
Though you all probably know this, MI5 has confirmed that they knew about Umar 3 years ago.
I have posted about this matter and will update with a link to this blog. I will also add you all to my "Friendlies".

Anonymous said...

FOX news interview of daniel huisinga...this link works