Sunday, January 31, 2010


I got up this morning and was reading and approving comments on this blog. One, that struck me as hilarious, was as follows:

"OMFG!? You sound like a real intellectual. What a sad testament to the quality and state of law school that one should confer a degree upon you. You're a bimbo."

Since Kurt and I have now proven ourselves in the media by the government finally backing up most of our stories, these comments no longer annoy me, they amuse me.

Most people who "don't like lawyers", I think, is because most lawyers ARE kind of obnoxious. They use constant big words in their every day lives, they act superior, they act snobby, they think their degrees make them better than others. The bulk of the lawyers I know and like though, act like everyday citizens.

To be an intellectual, one does not have to use big words all the time. I can have fun with my life and how I post things. I can use slang!!! And to call me a bimbo is totally hilarious. There are a lot of adjectives one could use to describe me, but bimbo is def not one of them. I think I have actually been called that twice now since 12/25--once on here, and once on a forum--and prior to that, NEVER.

So, Mr. Anonymous poster who does not even have the guts to post his/her name and email...............Here is what I have to say to you.

1. Umm, you are reading my blog. I guess you cared enough about what i have to say to come on here and read it. I must not be as stupid as you state. Food for thought......

2. Don't you have anything better to do than post comments on a "bimbo's" blog? And to be rude to someone who is simply trying to make sure that the government looks into all issues wtih this situation?

3. Let's talk about YOUR education and intellect. What kind of education have you had? Do you use this superior attitude at your workplace? You must be well-loved.

4. Let me fill you in about how law school works. You go, you take classes, tests--then you take a bar exam. I took my blonde, "bimbo" self to that exam, and passed. The first time. I also went to school fulltime, while still working, and running our household.

5. Thankfully, we live in America, where i can act how I want to, and not how you expect me too, simply because of my occupation. I will never ever change who I am because it's what society expects of me. I have a thriving law practice which is one of the, if not the, busiest in the area--apparently, the people in the area we live in like me just the way I am. We get comments from clients almost daily sayin that they love how we are both down to Earth and accessible.

Thank you for providing me with my eyeroll moment of the day, Mr. Anonymous. You are a judgmental ass, and if you are reading this (which I expect you are), I find that even more amusing.


Chris F. said...

I take it that you won this argument hands down. Just write Mr. Anonymous poster off as a troll. said...

You go, girl! The cultural attitude expressed by Mr Anon wastes a portion of the tremendous intellectual resources available to this country and our time. To belittle and suppress thoughts of women suggests that we are to proceed with half the power and strength available to us. We are all better off for what you spoke, Lori.

Anonymous said...

I'm pretty confident that either through this blogger pop up or the site itself there is a virus. I haven't pinpointed it yet, but it could be anything, including a keystroke tracker. This is new today.

Anonymous said...

Another reason for doing a plea bargain is so the government does not risk informatio coming out in trial that would jeopardize the 'official' story.

Greg Bacon said...

1. It is almost incomprehensible to believe that the U.S. Government would intentionally allow it's citizens to be blown up

You mean like letting the crew of the USS LIberty be shot to pieces?

Or the people in the WTC get blown up, then smashed into oblivion?

Mrs. Lukie said...

Oh Lori, I can't help but laugh at the thought of you being a bimbo because it is so far from the truth. Alas, sometimes, people are so unhappy with where they are at in their lives that they must be negative, condescending & disrespectful. And it's always so much easier to do when hiding behind a computer screen :)

David said...

For you to even comment back to this moron is like slapping a masochist. Yours was the kind of response that feeds brainless morons who have a twisted mechanism for self-stimulation.

Just ignore them or delete them. If you leave enough dissenters' comments here, you're not being disingenuous by deleting the moronic ones.

Lynette Warren said...

you asked:
"4. How often do bomb-sniffing dogs indicate a false positive?"

I suspect that some in law enforcement claim their dogs give an indication where no indication occurred or perhaps they intentionally prompt their search dogs to give false positives. Either way the purpose is so they can claim reasonable cause to question or detain a person.

I think that's what the police may have done in the case of the man in orange. He was middle eastern looking and perhaps they just wanted to question him more extensively. Once they realized he was not involved they let him go.

It's easy for the dog handlers to say they got a signal from the dog when, in fact, there was no such signal. There's never much explaining to do on the part of the police because, frankly, in a situation like this the person being detained is so relieved to be let go without further suspicion that they don't want to make waves.