Tuesday, January 19, 2010

The Latest Election--MA

For the past year, I have avoided "politics". I detest the "game". I only supported Obama because I could not stand Sarah Palin. I hate how it's never really about the issues, and always about something behind the scenes and who pays what into a campaign. I hate how politicians never seem to be honest, and always use "legal" language to talk around actually answering a question.

Those who know me know I generally lean left in my social thinking. Kurt and I both do really.

I have been just LIVID since Obama's "speech" and nonreaction to Flight 253. I was almost blown up, and he stays in Hawaii on vacation with his family. When he finally does come back to Washington, he delivers a speech which "kind of" places blame on himself and Washington, but does not place specific blame on ANY agency or person, he fires NOBODY, and he says the places will deal with this "internally". To translate, he will "sweep this all under the rug until everyone forgets about it". (Oh, and right after the speech, he went golfing).

I call BULLSHIT. Do your effing job, Obama. You KNOW who screwed up. I am not buying you are stupid with your pretty Harvard law school degree hanging in your office. Stop being so nonchalant about anything and everything. When Obama was running, I loved his laidback, never stressed out demeanor. Now, I would like him to actually dispay some sort of his passion for Americans and their well-being. For something that is not politically based (i.e. healthcare bill).

Obama lost the election for the Democrat in MA. Notice her huge drop in the polls AFTER the December 25 attack. I do not think it's coincidence. I don't know that I would have voted for the Democrat, and I don't think I have voted Republican once in my life.

So, yes, Obama, I want change. Desperately. I want politics to be about honesty, and people being forthright. I want the truth. I want passion. And if I have to start looking to other political parties out there to get that, I will. I am not going to continually support someone who very obviously could care less about me and other Americans' safety.


Rachael said...

Exactly why I have little tolerance for politics. They all have an agenda.

Barbara in PA said...

Something needs to change in this country, although I think what needs changing the most never will. The Special Interest and Lobby groups need to be REMOVED, 100%, from Washington and be allowed to have NO SPECIAL CLOUT in our decision making. The NRA, Big Pharma, AIPAC (especially them), threaten people with fund reduction (ie: you won't get enough to win the next one), bad press, and I am sure trumped up "issues" that will ruin them forever. So our politicians, who should be working FOR US, in reality work for them! And until "they" leave, we won't see any change.

If you think a health care bill that will actually HELP people, while reigning in Insurance companies overcharges and denials of treatment, will ever pass...think again. The Insurance lobby has gotten people whipped into a frenzy laced with lies, and now the "health care reform" is sure to die.

I just wonder how many of those people crying about "Gov't takeover" and how much better "Sarah" would be for our country will live to regret their outrage and hysterics.

Tom said...

Hey Lori,

I understand your frustrations. It is really hard to even get close to the truth with the mountainous amount of disinformation being spread. Unfortunately that is exactly how govt has been for a very long time.

Here is another example that I can point out that you won't hear from the news. Remember how they said that they didn't find the guy's name in their "database" because his name was misspelled by one letter?

This just came out on Reuters:

U.S. counterterror agency lacks "Google-like" search


Sounds good to the public. If only they had that new "Google-like" search, that's what went wrong.

Well this is a lie. There is nothing new about searching for names. It is all based on an algorithm that has been around for 90 years, long before computers. Its called "Soundex" and has nothing to do with "Google-like" searches.

Here it is on Wiki:

Soundex is a phonetic algorithm for indexing names by sound, as pronounced in English. The goal is for homophones to be encoded to the same representation so that they can be matched despite minor differences in spelling. The algorithm mainly encodes consonants; a vowel will not be encoded unless it is the first letter. Soundex is the most widely known of all phonetic algorithms, as it is a standard feature of MS SQL and Oracle, and is often used (incorrectly) as a synonym for "phonetic algorithm". Improvements to Soundex are the basis for many modern phonetic algorithms.

Soundex was developed by Robert C. Russell and Margaret K. Odell and patented in 1918 and 1922 A variation called American Soundex was used in the 1930s for a retrospective analysis of the US censuses from 1890 through 1920. The Soundex code came to prominence in the 1960s when it was the subject of several articles in the Communications and Journal of the Association for Computing Machinery, and especially when described in Donald Knuth's The Art of Computer Programming, vol. 3: Sorting And Searching, Addison-Wesley Professional (1973), p. 391-392.

It is a common-place search function in nearly every language used for databases, especially any the govt would be using. For them to even suggest such a thing is an absolute insult to anyone who worked on the software. But, the masses will never know this.

The thing about Kurt's sighting is that, it is completely irrelevant whether the people he saw were involved or for the video to be released. It is that Kurt has not been allowed to even identify them on the video to even find out IF they were involved. It would be impossible for the Indian man to not be on video somewhere, even if by himself.

Why will they not allow Kurt to help identify him? How can they know what to look for if they don't know who to look for?

I hope Kurt stresses this point more.

Nicole said...


You describe excatly how I felt and now feel about Obama. I too, was shocked that he stayed on vacation!

Rachael said...

You should read my friend Sasha's blog on the election... kind of a funny little blurb.


Anonymous said...

There were many warnings about what Obama would be like before the election. His many friends, His saying he was going to bankrupt the coal company, (how many jobs would be lost from that one?). And after his election, All the lobyists he brought in, "32 Czars"? I just don't see how anyone can believe in change from someone who got so much money in campaign funds from the middle east and other Corporate sponsors. People need to quit believing what they are hearing from the media as gospel and check things out for themselves.

Jeff said...

George Bush didn't say anything for SIX DAYS after Richard Reid tried to blow up a plane...

SarahW said...

Saw this at ABCnews online yesterday:

"Federal agents also tell ABCNews.com they are attempting to identify a man who passengers said helped Abdulmutallab change planes for Detroit when he landed in Amsterdam from Lagos, Nigeria.

Authorities had initially discounted the passenger accounts, but the agents say there is a growing belief the man have played a role to make sure Abdulmutallab "did not get cold feet.""

Thanks for sticking your neck out.

quirkydi said...


I just wrote a post to respond to you on DU and when
I went to post the thread had been locked. WTF!

I posted one of the first threads on DU about your
experiences on flight 253. Have been waiting to hear some follow-up in the news so, thank you for posting.

If Federal Agents are trying to Identify the "well dressed man," why I ask haven't they contacted you? Sure you're asking the same question. Also,
has there been any news on the passenger that was
spotted video taping the entire incident on the flight?

I'll be following your blog. Keep trying to get the truth out.