Saturday, January 09, 2010

BREAKING NEWS--Well Dressed Man Story Backed Up by Second Passenger

Kurt just had contact with an individual from our flight. This person, who wishes to remain anonymous, has backed up his story on the well dressed man, however, this person does not want to come out in public and tell their story, as they are worried they will suffer some sort of backlash as we have. How sad is that? They have read people talking badly about us online, and they don't want the same thing to happen to them or their family.

When Kurt asked this person for details, their story aligned with his. This person was sitting right next to us in the glass room by the last boarding person. When Kurt asked this person how sure they were that the terrorist was the man with the well dressed man, or if they did not know for sure, their response was 99% it was the terrorist.

Kurt was thrilled to talk to someone who saw the same thing. Even though this person does not want to come out to the public right now, it made both of us feel really good to hear someone else witnessed what Kurt did.

The plot seems to keep thickening.......Who knows if they will ever look into the claims though, no matter HOW many people come out and admit that this situation did happen.



Rebecca said...

He should go on tv but they can blur out his face :)

Anonymous said...

Thats great for you Kurt. Even if there is too much fear for this passenger to go public, now you know that you are not the only witness.
I think to be the only one is very hard, at some moment under the atack of some bad parts of the world public you start questioning yourself truth.
But what you saw was true, sometimes it is like this.
Millions are wrong, just one is right, now you are two.

Human said...

Peace to all.
Unless Mr. Haskell talked to this person in the Dome of Silence the Racketeers know of it.
It would be safer for this unknown person to come out.
It's truly sad that America is such a fearful nation.

Anonymous said...

hang in there. you are both very brave to be standing up to the powers that be.

I admire your courage.

Rudy Dekkers said...

I was reading Associated Press reports about the guy who kissed his girlfriend in violation of the gunverment's latest airport kissing edicts and I thought that this paragraph from

was interesting in light of the gunverment's refusal to acknowledge Kurt's request to see the security videos:

"[Senator] Lautenberg, a New Jersey Democrat, had pressed for surveillance video of the security breach to be publicly released. He said he believes Newark airport is safe but will pursue airport security issues in upcoming Congressional hearings."

No stone is unturned in looking for the culprit when the gunverment is looking for a mere mundane who they know is harmless and innocent of any actual criminal intent, but made the gunverment look incompetent and lazy. An all points bulletin is posted and all citizens are reminded of their obligations to join the manhunt and narc on their neighbor.

But when it comes to investigating John Doe #2s that are involved in actual mass murder crimes and attempts, the gunverment will refuse to even acknowledge witness reports that are inconsistent with its lone nut or lone nut cadre narratives. And most of the general public will brow beat anyone that wonders why the gunverment is suppressing video tapes that could help gather information about others involved in the crime.

The frightened public has been trained to think:

"If the gunverment wanted us to see or even talk about the videos, then they would show them to us. The gunverment must have some national security reason for not showing them to us. Maybe showing the videos would jeopardize some double/triple sting/informant trick that they're up to. Its best just to not say anything and let them handle it. We shouldn't even wonder why they won't tell us why the won't show us the videos. Like the gunverment guy told Kurt and the other passengers about moving to a safer area after they put the man in orange in handcuffs: We must 'read between the lines', shut up, do what we're told, and never wonder about the strange things the gunverment does or doesn't do."

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